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Major General William R. Shafter to Rear Admiral William T. Sampson, Commander, North Atlantic Fleet


The following was received from Major General Wm. H. Shafter:--1 The accompanying order and memorandum, showing the manner in which the troops of my command will be disembarked is submitted for your information. I will deem it a favor if you will assist, as far as practicable, with the steam launches and small boats of your fleet. The Navy Department having offered the services of Captain Goodrich,2 I am much pleased to accept them, and he will have full charge of all boats and transports.


The 2nd Division (Gen. Lawton’s)3 will be landed first; the ships of that Division will be placed in front of Daiquiri, and as close to shore as possible, so as to make as little rowing as may be.

General Bates’4 Brigade disembarks second, and will form immediately in rear of Lawton’s line.

General Wheeler’s5 Division will disembark third, and his ships will form on the left of those carrying the 2nd Division (Lawton’s). His line will also form on the left of Lawton’s.

The 1st Division (Kent’s)6 will disembark fourth, and the ships will be placed well to the left, so as to unload at Demajayobe, or Jaragua, as may be directed later, or at Daiquiri.

The ships carrying the Mounted Squadron, Light Artillery, and mules, will form in rear of those carrying Lawton’s and Bates’ command, and await orders.

2nd Division, 5th Corps.

Iroquois         (25)      Hdqrs. 2nd Div.5th Cops.(Lawton).    


Seneca          (5)       Hdqrs. 1st Brigade, (Van Horn).

                        2nd Mass. 2 Cos.

                        8th Infantry.

Orizaba         (24)      22nd Infantry

Mantoo         (36)      2 Cos. 2nd Mass. Vols.

Knickerbocker      (13)      Hdrqs. 8 Cos. 2nd Mass. Vols.


Concho               (14)      Hdrqs. 2nd Brigade (Miles)7

                        4th Infantry & 25th Infantry

Seguranca        (12)      1st Infantry.


Iroquois         (25)      Hdqrs. 3rd Brigade (Chaffee)8

                        Hdqrs. & 5 Cos. 7th Infantry.

                        4 Cos. 17th, Infantry.

Cherokee        (4)       Hdqrs. & 3 Cos. 17th Infantry

                        Gatling Gun Detachment.

                        12th Infantry.

Mantoo         (36)      2 Cos. 17th Infantry.

D. H. Miller       (19)      3 Cos. 7th Infantry

Comal           (7)       1 Co. 7th Infantry


Mattewan        (26)      Hdqrs. Independ. Brigade (Bates)

                        20th Infantry

Breakwater       (29)      3rd Infantry


Alleghany        (17)      Headquarters (Gen. Wheeler)


Rio Grande       (22)      Hdqrs. 1st Brigade (Sumner)9

                        3rd Cavalry

                        6th Cavalry

Miama               (1)       9th Cavalry


Loona           (21)      Hdqrs. 2nd Brigade (Young)10

                        1st Cavalry

                        10th Cavalry

Yucatan         (8)       1st Volunteer Cavalry

Alamo          (6)       2 Troops of 1st Cav. or 10th Cav.

1st Division, 5th Corps.

Santiago         (2)       Hdqrs. Brig. Gen. J.F. Kent      


Miami          (1)       6th Infantry.

San Marcos       (18)      Hdqrs. 1st Brigade (Hawkins)11  

                        16th, Infantry.

Vigilancia        (23)      71st New York Volunteers


Yucatan         (8)       Hdqrs. Band, Cos. C, G, 2nd Infantry.

Clinton          (32)      2nd Infantry, Cos. B & D

Sanmarcos       (18)      2nd Infantry, Cos. A, E, F, & H.

Saratoga         (20)      21st Infantry, Hdqrs., Band, 2 Cos.

City Washington(16)      21st Infantry, 4 Cos.

Alamo          (6)       Hdqrs. 2nd Brigade (Pearson)12

                        10th Infantry 4 Cos.

                        C, D, G, E.

Santiago      (2)       10th Infantry 4 Cos.

Berkshire        (9)       21st Infantry 2 Cos.


Orizaba         (24)      Hdqrs. 3rd Brigade (Wikoff)13

City Washington(16)     24th Infantry

Santiago      (2)       9th Infantry

Saratoga         (20)      13th Infantry.


Stillwater        (25)      Troop A.

Morgan         (30)      Squadron Commander (Rafferty)14

                        Troop C.

Mattewan       (26)      Troop D & F.


Comal         (7)       Lt. Bat. E, 1st Art.

                        Lt. Bat. K, 1st Art.

Berkshire      (9)       Battalion Commander (Dillenback)15

                        Lt. Bat. A, 2nd Art.

                        Lt. Bat. F, 2nd Art.

Source Note: TD, DNA, RG 313, Entry 56. “(Journal) North Atlantic Squadron, Captain William T. Sampson, Commander in Chief: Official Records: May 15th─July 1st, 1898,” 30-33. The word “Journal” was handwritten. Not dated, but probably 20 June.

Footnote 1: Major General William R. Shafter.

Footnote 2: Captain Caspar F. Goodrich.

Footnote 3: Major General Henry W. Lawton.

Footnote 4: Major General John C. Bates.

Footnote 5: Major General Joseph Wheeler.

Footnote 6: Brigadier General Ford J. Kent.

Footnote 7: Colonel Evan Miles.

Footnote 8: Colonel William K. Chaffee.

Footnote 9: Brigadier General Samuel S. Sumner.

Footnote 10: Brigadier General Samuel B.M. Young.

Footnote 11: Brigadier General Hamilton S. Hawkins.

Footnote 12: Colonel Edward P. Pearson.

Footnote 13: Colonel Charles Wikoff.

Footnote 14: Lieutenant Colonel William A. Rafferty.

Footnote 15: Major John W. Dillenback.

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