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Passed Assistant Surgeon Andrew R. Wentworth to Commander Bowman H. McCalla


Off Cienfuegos, Cuba,

May 11, 1898.


     according to art. 653, U.S.Navy Regulations,1 I have to report the following men wounded in an engagement, which took place off this place while trying to cut a cable:

Patrick Reagan, P.M. Shot through the head.

Herman W Kuchniester P.M. Shot through Jaw

Henrickson, Harry Sea.2 Shot Through liver.

Suntzenich, Ernest app.3 1 st. Fracture r. leg.

Doran, John J.B. mt.4 3 cl. G.S. Wound r. buttocks

Davis, John G.M.5 3 cl, G.S. wound r. leg.

Severny, William App6 1cl. Small G.S. Wound l. leg

Two of whom will probably dy: viz:

Reagan and Kuchniester.7


P.a. Surgeon, U.S.N.

Source Note: ALS, DNA, RG 45, Entry 464. Addressed below close: “To the,/Commanding Officer.” Docketed on second page: “Approved and forwarded/B.H.McCalla/Commander.” Docketed on rear page: “U.S.S.Marblehead/Off Cienfuegos, Cuba,/May 11, 1898./Wenthworth, A.R./P.a. Surgeon, U.S.N./List of Wounded.” Rectangular stamp with: “BUREAU OF NAVIGATION,” along the top, “MAY 17,” along the left, “1898,” along the right, and “NAVY DEPARTMENT,” along the bottom. In the middle are the numbers “11674.”

Footnote 1: Regulation requires the submission of an after action report after any instance of combat.

Footnote 2: Sea. Harry Henrickson.

Footnote 3: App. 1st Class Ernest Suntzenich.

Footnote 4: Boatswains Mate 3rd Class John J. Doran.

Footnote 5: Gunners Mate 3rd Class John Davis.

Footnote 6: App. 1st Class William Severny.

Footnote 7: Wentworth was correct about Reagan, who died of his wounds, but incorrect about Kuchniester. The other fatality from the 11 May operation was Ernest Suntzenich, who died later of his wounds. Kuchniester survived and received the Medal of Honor for his service that day. 

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