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Assistant Surgeon Frank L. Pleadwell to Commander Washburn Maynard


U. S. S. Nashville, 3rd, Rate

Off Cienfuegos, Cuba.

May 11th, 1898.


     I respectfully submit the following report of the wounded, in the engagement of to-day, off Cienfuegos:-

     1.   Volz,Robert,1 Seaman, serious wound of the skull, left teamperal and left parietal region, together with flesh wound of left chest, superficial in chracter.

     2.   Winslow, C. McR.2,Lieutenant,Gunshot penetrating wound of joint of third left interphalaneal--joint of ring finger.

     3.   Murtaugh, Coal passer, Scalp wound (forehead) trivial.

     4.   Berritti, Coal passer, flesh wound, left neck and left breast (light).

     5. These wounds were the result of rifle fire in an attempt to cut cables.

Very respectfully,          

Assistant Surgeon, U. S. N.

The Commanding Officer,

     U. S. S. Nashville,

Off Cienfuegos, Cuba,

May 12th, 1898.


     As a result of closer observation subsequent to the engagement of the 11th,inst. I wish to add to the list of wounded reported to you on that date, the case of Commander W. Maynard, who received a painful contused wound of the left chest wall, as the result of the impact of deflected bullet, fired by troops on shore at the ship.

Very respectfully,          


Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Navy

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 313, Entry 48. Addressed below close: “The Commanding Officer,.”

Footnote 1: Seaman Robert Volz.

Footnote 2: Lt. Cameron McRae Winslow.