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Lieutenant Commander James D. Adams to Rear Admiral William T. Sampson, Commander, North Atlantic Fleet

U.S.S. Yankton,1

Off Cienfuegos,

June 30, 1898.


1. I have the honor to report that, on June 29, 8.45 A.M. while off Cape Muño, Cuba; making passage to Casilda,2 the Eagle was passed close in shore and she was fired on by a battery of artillery masked in the hills. This ship stood in to her assistance and at 8.50 opened fire at a distance of about 4000 yards. Firing ceased at 9.15, the enemy’s fire having been silenced. This ship was not struck, nor did any shots fall near her. Lieutenant Southerland Commanding the Eagle reported to me after the action that one of our 4 inch shells had struck in the midst of the battery and apparently done much execution.3 The firing was quite deliberate and the crew seemed to be cool.

2. Expended in this action 21-4 inch common shell; 68- 3 PDR.4

3. Casualties: Chas. Wilson (1ds) slightly burned in face by hot cartridge case.5

4. On the afternoon of the same day, in company with the Dixie, we shelled one or two gunboats lying behind the reef at Casilda. The fire was not returned, nor could I see that any damage was done to the enemy.

5. Expended in this action 4-4 inch A.P. shell;6 23- 3 PDR.

Very respectfully.

J.D. Adams,

Lieut-Commander, U.S.N.


Source Note: TDS, DNA, AFNRC, M625 roll 232. At top right corner: “No. 1.” Docketed left side: “U.S.S. Yankton,/Off Cienfuegos,/June 30, 1898./Adams, J.D./Lieut-Commander, U.S.N./Reporting engagements off/Point Muño and Casilda.” Bureau of Navigation, Navy Department stamp is dated “JUL 23 1898” and numbered “128761.” Docketed on right side: “U.S. FLAG-SHIP NEW YORK,/Off Santiago de Cuba/July 12 1898/FORWARDED BY DIRECTION OF COMMANDER IN CHIEF/No name, but F.E. Chadwick/CAPTAIN U.S.N./CHIEF OF STAFF.” Addressed below close: “COMMANDER IN CHIEF, U.S. Naval Force/North Atlantic Station.”

Footnote 1: Yankton was a converted yacht built in Scotland and originally named Penelope.

Footnote 2: Casilda is located on the southern Cuban coast east of Cienfuegos.

Footnote 3: Lt. William H.H. Southerland.

Footnote 4: “PDR” is an abbreviation for pounder.

Footnote 5: “1ds” is possibly an abbreviation for deck steward first class.

Footnote 6: “A.P.” is an abbreviation for armor-piercing.

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