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Rear Admiral William T. Sampson, North Atlantic Fleet, Squadron Circular


Circular Letter No. 57.

U.S. Flagship New York, 1st Rate,

Off Santiago de Cuba, June 21st, 1898.



1.   The following copy of a letter from the Department to the Bureau of Navigation is issued for your information and compliance:--


Navy Department, Washington,June 2,1898.


     It being the desire of the Department that naval operations should interfere in as small degree as possible with the transmission of international mail,you will instruct commanding officers of naval vessels to deliver to the nearest post office,with directions to hold subject to the orders of the Post Office Department,any sacks of mail which may be found on board of vessels captured by our naval forces,this rule to be subject to exception in special cases only,where,for some military reason,a departure therefrom may be necessary.

              Very respectfully,

The Chief of Bureau of Nav.  Chas. A. Allen, Acting Secretary.1


Very respectfully,               


Rear Admiral,Comdr.-in-Chief,N.A. Station.

Source Note: D, DNA, RG 313, Entry 37. Addressed below close: “The Comdg. Officer, U.S.S.”

Footnote 1: Assistant Secretary of the Navy Charles H. Allen.

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