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Rear Admiral William T. Sampson, Commander, North Atlantic Fleet, to Secretary of the Navy John D. Long


Santiago, July 17, 1898.    

     I had understood that General Shafter1 and myself should sign capitulation jointly, as were so acting under the orders of the President;2 but General Shafter refused upon arrival of my representative.3 I request it be clearly understood that all ships to be turned over to the Navy.


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 80, Entry 194, vol. 1, p. 286. Addressed before opening: “Secretary of the Navy,/Washington.”

Footnote 1: Maj. Gen. William R. Shafter, commander, Fifth Army Corps.

Footnote 2: President William McKinley.

Footnote 3: Sampson’s representative was Capt. French E. Chadwick. For Sampson full report on his problems working with Gen. Shafter, see: Sampson to Long, 1 August 1898.

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