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Commander Bowman H. McCalla to Rear Admiral William T. Sampson, Commander, North Atlantic Fleet

U.S.S. Marblehead, 3rd. Rate.

Guantanamo, Cuba.

June 19th, 1898.


     Referring to the engagement of the Marine forces and Cubans with the Spaniards on the 14th instant,1 I now have the honor to supplement the reports which have hitherto made as follows:

     1. The total Spanish force was about four hundred, ninety of whom were Guerillas.

     2. They contemplated an attack upon our position on the night of the 14th, during which the Guerillas were to rush the camp with machetes.

     3. The enemy was surprised and routed, the whole of the spanish force returning to Caimanara bringing with them sixteen wounded and reporting sixty as missing.

     4. The Spaniards were surprised and demoralized by finding that the Marines were accompanied by Cuban soldiers.

     5. An examination of the field yesterday shows that my report that between forty and sixty Spaniards were killed rather under estimates the truth.

Very respectfully,

B.H. McCalla

Commander, U.S.Navy,


Source Note: TLS, DNA, RG 313, Entry 48. Addressed below close: “The Commander-in-Chief./North Atlantic Station.” There is an identifying number, “No. 101.” at the top of the page along with a stamp: “RECEIVED/FLAG-SHIP N. A. STATION/JUN 20 1898.” Docketed on separate sheet: “U. S. S. Marblehead, 3rd. Rate,/Guantanamo, Cuba,/June 19th., 1898./McCalla, B.H.,/Commander, U. S. Navy,/Commanding./Report of engagement between/combined Marines and Cubans/and the Spaniards.”

Footnote 1: For a description of this engagement see: Robert W. Huntington to Charles Heywood, 17 June 1898.

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