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Commodore Arent S. Crowninshield, Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, to Commodore George C. Remey, Commandant, Key West Naval Base



Washington, D.C.,      

May 21, 1898.     


     The following from the Secret Service Division is furnished for your information and guidance:-

     Ramon Maldonado and Don Miguel Lopez; Spaniards, speaking English fluently and cap[ab]le of passing themselves off as Americans, will attempt to secure positions in some capacity, possibly as Assistant Engineers, on American warships. They will undoubtedly attempt to enlist under assumed names. The following descriptions will probably assist in preventing such enlistments:

     Ramon Maldonado: Five feet nine inches tall; light complexion; very dark Spanish eyes; scar under right eye over the cheekbone, about three quarters inches in length; little finger of left hand off above second joint; third finger of left hand badly scarred.

     Don Miguel Lopez: Five feet eight inches tall; heavy build; broad shoulders; dark complexion; square features; small head; left eye injured by a scald-does not affect sight; tattooed on left top wrist “D.M.L.”; on right fore-arm picture of a ship and serpent”.


(signed) A.S.Crowninshield, 

Chief of Bureau.  

Source Note: TCy, DNA, RG 313, Entry 72. Addressed below close: “Commandant,/Naval Station,/Key West, Fla.” Document reference number at top of page: “113143/H”

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