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North Atlantic Fleet Squadron Bulletin No. 1


U. S. F. S. New York, 1st Rate,

Off Santiago de Cuba, Cuba,

June 13, 1898.

S Q U A D R O N  B U L L E T I N  N o . 1.


          Information has been received that the Army was to leave Tortugas to-day.1 Unofficial news states it is to come round the west end of Cuba.2


          The St. Paul from New York, and the Vesuvius from scouting in the Old Bahama Channel arrived to-day. The St. Louis from Mole St. Nicholas <arrived> with despatches. The latter has returned to Mole St. Nicholas. The Collier Scindie, Commander Watson,3 has arrived at Guantanamo.


          Preparations have been made to open a telegraphic office at Guantanamo;4 it is hoped it will be in operation on the fourteenth, so that dispatches may go via. Mole St. Nicholas.


          The firing at Guantanamo has to-day been much less.5 The total losses have been:--Surgeon Gibbs and four marines killed on the eleventh, and two yesterday−-Sergeant Major Good6 and Private Taurman, the latter by falling off a cliff--.7 Six marines have been wounded.


Sixty officers and men of the Cuba forces <at Guantanamo> have received arms, clothing and food, and have been of great service. Five hundred more are expected.8

Source Note: TD, DNA, RG 313, Entry 56. The first word in angle brackets is taken from the printed version of this bulletin. The second angle bracket is a handwritten interlineation. See, Squadron Bulletins, 5.

Footnote 1: The U.S. Army convoy left Tampa for Santiago de Cuba campaign on 14 June.

Footnote 2: The convoy steamed around the east end of Cuba and arrived at Daiquirí on 20 June.

Footnote 3: Cmdr. Eugene W. Watson. The correct name of the collier is Scandia.

Footnote 4: For more information on cable communications, see: Telegraphy and Cable Cutting.

Footnote 5: The U.S. Marines landed at Guantánamo on 10 June. For more information on the subsequent action there, see: Naval Operations at Guantánamo.

Footnote 6: The secretary had typed “Woods” but someone handwrote a “G” over the “W” and crossed through the “s”.

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