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North Atlantic Fleet Squadron Bulletin No. 26

Squadron Bulletin.

U. S. Flagship New York.         Off Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

FRIDAY, JULY 8, 1898.

THE flagship left at 2 a. m. for Guantanomo for coal and provisions.1

The Castine and Wilmington arrived with a convoy of 2500 troops, which were sent on to Sibouney. The Relief, Army hospital ship, also came and went on to the same place.2

The Harvard, Iowa, Oregon, Marblehead, Dixie, Solace, Resolute, Celtic, Vulcan, Niagara, Scorpion, Vixen, Osceola, Dupont and Rodgers and the British steamer Adula are at Guantanamo.2 The Scorpion left later in the day for her station off Cape Cruz.

Several Army transports are also in port.

Source Note: Printed, DNA, RG 313, Entry 56. This bulletin was produced on a printing press on New York (the flagship of RAdm. William T. Sampson’s North Atlantic fleet) and was distributed to the vessels. It is listed as number 26 in Squadron Bulletins, 50.

Footnote 1: The flagship was the battleship New York.

Footnote 2: These reinforcements were later sent to capture Puerto Rico.

Footnote 3: The Adula, a British blockade runner, was captured by the Marblehead on 29 June. See: Capt. Bowman H. McCalla to Sampson, 29 June 1898.

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