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Journal of Rear Admiral William T. Sampson, Commander, North Atlantic Fleet


May 28th.. . .

Received about 8.00 A.M.received following telegram from Department. (Abouchions)1

If the Spanish division is proved to be in Santiago de Cuba, it is the intention of the Department to make descent immediately upon that port, with 10,000 men U.S.Troops, landing about 5 nautical miles east of that port. You will be expected to convoy transport,probably 15 or 20,going in person and taking with you the New York and Indiana and the Oregon, and as many smaller vessels with good batteries as can possibly be gathered, to guard against possible attack by Spanish torpedo boat destroyers, etcetera. The blockade off Havana will be sufficiently provided for during the movement with monitors and some small vessels. After arrival off Santiago de Cuba, every vessel that can be spared will be returned to North coast of Cuba

This early notice enabled you to prepare details at once for immediate execution when order is issued. At the request of the war department and by approval of this department, movement will be on the north side of Cuba and Windward Passage.   Long.

Source Note: Transcript, DNA, RG 313, Entry 56. Order was received on 28 May 1898.

Footnote 1: Indicates that this was the first word in the original ciphered message.

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