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Major General Wesley Merritt to Brigadier General Henry C. Corbin, Adjutant General


Sanfrancisco Calif, June 8,98

Adjt Genl U S Army

                        Washn DC

The prospects as to transports is improving hope to have five sail about the fifteenth carrying 4,000 men and officers. The Indiana, Ohio[,] Belgic and City of Pueblo should be ready to sail about June twenty fifth.1 Capacity not yet determined. I again call attention to the consideration of the Govt at Washington the question of convoys for these transport ships which must of necessity be helpless in a fight.2


Major General Commanding

Source Note: TC, DNA, AFNRC, M625, roll 320. This cable was typed on “THE WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY” stationery with the following routing designation: “145 W Rz, Bt 84,Paid GR 510.”

Footnote 1: The ships listed were United States Army transports, although they share names with naval vessels of the day. For more information on the departure of the U.S. Army for the Philippines, see, Cosmas, Army for Empire, 200-01.

Footnote 2: This troop convoy to the Philippines, the second of three, was not accompanied by a naval escort.

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