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Rear Admiral George Dewey, Commander, Asiatic Squadron, to Officer of the Guard Cavite Arsenal

COPY.                        U.S.Flagship Olympia        

Cavite P.I.            

May 7, 1898.      


     You are hereby authorized and directed to deliver to Major Gonzales of the Philippine Army1 such small arms and ammunition as he may select from the stock in the arsenal at Cavite.

          Very respectfully,          


George Dewey,          

Commodore U.S.Navy.

Commander_in Chief U.S.Naval Force

Asiatic Station.

Source Note: Cy, DNA, AFNRC, M625, roll 363. Addressed before opening: “To the Officer of the Guard./Cavite Arsenal.” Document was a copy prepared by RAdm. AmmenFarenholt. He noted on the copy: “For Naval Records and Library./Navy Department,/Washington D.C.” At the bottom of the document he wrote to Dudley W. Knox: “My dear Knox: this is a copy of a copy of the original. I have had it in my possession since those ‘days of the Empire’ and while I cannot prove it’s authenticity now I am absolutely positive that the original existed and that this is an exact copy. Perhaps you might care for it for the archives. Perhaps you also have the original./A Farenholt./A.Farenholt, R. ADM. (MC), USN.”

Footnote 1: Probably Maj. Don Teodoro Gonzalez.

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