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Secretary of the Navy John D. Long to Rear Admiral George Dewey, Commander, Asiatic Squadron

From…Secretary of Navy.


Date…May 20,1898.

Subject…Reports regarding

Spanish squadron

for Philippines.

Received at Cavite June 2, 1898.

Report is current to the effect that Pelayo, Carlos V, Alfonzo XIII and some transports sailing to Philippine Islands with large body troops.1 Other reports say that is bound for United States east coast of and one report states they have sailed for the latter destination, but as our means of receiving information from Spain is very untrustworthy, you are given this information for what it may be worth.

Source Note: Cy, DLC-MSS, PGD. This is a printed form for rendering and/or synopsizing cables, probably in code; as such, “From, To” etc. are pre-printed.

Footnote 1: Initially the destination of Vice Adm. Manuel de la Cámara y Libermore’s squadron was unknown. It determined in late June that it was heading to Manila. For more information, see: Long to Dewey, 28 June 1898.

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