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Secretaryof the Navy John D. Long to Rear Admiral George Dewey, Commander, Asiatic Squadron

From…Secretary of Navy.


Date…May 29, 1898.

Subject…Approving orders.

Spanish squadron

not en route.

Departure U.S.


Received at Cavite June 2.

The orders of Captain Lamberton approved.1

There is no Spanish squadron en route to Philippine Islands.

You will be notified the departure of such.

2500 men, U.S. troops left May 25th from San Francisco for Manila.2

Source Note: Cy, DLC-MSS, PGD. This is a printed form for rendering and/or synopsizing cables, probably in code; as such, “From, To” etc. are pre-printed.

Footnote 1: Capt. Benjamin P. Lamberton replaced Capt. Charles V. Gridley (who was medically condemned) as commander of Olympia. Long. See, Report of the Bureau of Navigation: 1898, 101.

Footnote 2: On the dispatch of American reinforcements to the Philippines, see: Long to Miller, 20 May 1898.

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