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United States Consul at Singapore E. Spencer Pratt to Commodore George Dewey, Commander, Asiatic Squadron

From U.S. Consul General, Singapore.

To Commander in Chief.

through Consul, Hongkong.1

Date Singapore, April 26, 1898

Subject Aquinaldo.2

Received Mirs Bay April 26.

Aguinaldo under assumed name Bunting left with aide and secretary3 by P. and O. steamer Malacca.

Have Commodore launch take them flagship direct.

Source Note: CyC, DLC-MSS, PGD.

Footnote 1: United States Consul at Hong Kong Rounsevelle Wildman.

Footnote 2: Philippine insurgent leader in exile, Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy.

Footnote 3: Aguinaldo was traveling with two men when he met Pratt in Singapore, Gregorio H. del Pilar and José M. Leyba, and it is safe to assume that they were his “aide and secretary,” though which served in what role is unknown. David F. Trask, War with Spain, 399. Also, see: Pratt to Dewey, 24 April 1898; Dewey to Pratt, 24 April 1898; and Pratt to Dewey, 25 April 1898.

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