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Secretary of the Navy John D. Long to Commodore George C. Remey, Commandant, Key West Naval Base


Washington, May 12, 1898.        

     Consult reticent and experienced United States Naval officers as to what points on the north side of Cuba are best adapted for the Navy to clear neighborhood and cover the landing of the Army and most convenient for the Army to operate. Mention ports in the order of fitness. Give this information confidentially to Captain Allen,1 Signal Corps, Key West, or to Commanding Army Officer at Key West.2


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 80, Entry 194, vol. 1, p. 75. Addressed before opening: “Naval Station, Key West, Fla.”

Footnote 1: Capt. James Allen, United States Army Signal Corp.

Footnote 2: This may have been Maj. J. Estcourt Sawyer of the Quartermaster Corps.

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