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Commodore George C. Remey, Commandant, Key West Naval base, to Commodore Arent S. Crowninshield, Chief of the Bureau of Navigation

Key west Fla  June 15-98

Navigation Navy Dept---Washn.DC.

All vessels for Blockade are sent to Havana to report to Commodore Commanding or senior officer present,1 distribution on Blockade is made there. I have only occasional knowledge of the stations of different ships on Blockade.2 Dupont arrived.3


Source Note: C, DNA, AFNRC, M625, roll 231. At the bottom of the cable is “9:17 P.M.” At the top of the cable is: “RECEIVED at 104W GN T 45 collect G R,” The cable is on a Western Union Telegraph Company stock form with printed advertising and a limited liability statement. Routing and payment information are part of its heading.

Footnote 1: The Commodore commanding the blockade of Havana was John C. Watson.

Footnote 2: In a letter of this date, Arent S. Crowninshield, the head of the Bureau of Navigation, reprimanded Remey for reporting that vessels were dispatched “for the blockade”; he demanded that Remey instead “specify port or ports” so the Bureau would know the “exact location of every vessel.” On 16 June, Crowninshield wrote Remey explaining the Naval War Board requested from the Bureau of Navigation, “every Saturday” a “disposition of ships on the blockade” and asked Remey to provide this list every “Friday night.” DNA, RG 45, Entry 29. Ibid.

Footnote 3: U.S. Navy torpedo boat Du Pont, Lt. Spencer S. Wood, commanding.

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