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Rear Admiral Montgomery Sicard, President, Naval War Board, to Rear Admiral William T. Sampson, Commander, North Atlantic Fleet

Navy Department,


Washington, D. C.,      July 14th 1898


     The following light vessels have recently been designated to be turned over to your command, for employment on the blockade.1

     Name.         Class.    Draft.    Present location.

Governor Russell        Ferryboat   9.      Boston, fitting out.

East Boston              "    "    9.         "   "   "   "

Stranger              Yacht    10 or 11  Norfolk

Siren                 "         "   "     "   "

Viking                "        9       At sea; bound, Key West.

Apache                Tug     9.6in.    Probably arrived, Key W.

Sylvia                Yacht      9       At Navy Yard, N.Y. being strengthened for proper battery.

Frolic                 "       10 or 11  At sea, bound, Key West.

     Besides above, there are several small vessels of about the same draft, now completing for the Auxiliary Defense Fleet.2 Are any of them necessary for use in your fleet ? If so, I think they might be obtained.

Very respectfully,     


Source Note: TDS, DNA, RG 313, Entry 47. Addressed below close: “Commander-in-Chief/U.S.Naval Force,/North Atlantic Station.” Document is on “NAVAL WAR BOARD” stationery.

Footnote 1: The North Atlantic Fleet was at the time blockading Cuba and wanted light draft vessels so that they could get closer inshore to enforce the blockade.

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