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Juan Marina Vega, Governor of the Mariana Islands, to Captain Henry Glass

 [Private.]        Government “P.M.”1 of the Marianne Islands,

Agaña, June 20, 1898.

Mr. Henry Glass,

Captain of the North American Cruiser Charleston:

By the captain of the port2 in which you have cast anchor I have been courteously requested, as a soldier, and, above all, as a gentleman, to hold a conference with you, adding that you have advised him that war has been declared between our respective nations, and that you have come for the purpose of occupying these Spanish islands.

It would give me great pleasure to comply with his request and see you personally, but, as the military laws of my country prohibit me from going on board a foreign vessel, I regret to have to decline this honor and to ask that you will kindly come on shore, where I await you to accede to your wishes as far as possible, and to agree as to our mutual situations.

Asking your pardon for the trouble I cause you, I guarantee your safe return to your ship.

Very respectfully,

Juan Marina.

Source Note Print: Translation, Report of the Bureau of Navigation, 1898, p. 154.

Footnote 1: “P.M.” is probably an abbreviation for Philippines-Marianas, as the latter came under the jurisdiction of the governor general of the former.

Footnote 2: The captain of the port was Lt. Comdr. Jose Garcia y Gutierrez.