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Journal of Rear Admiral William T. Sampson, Commander, North Atlantic Fleet



F O R  T H E  M O N T H


A U G U S T  1 8 9 8 .


August 1st.   Received the Following despatches:--

Dated Key West July 31st. Windlass shipped from Pensacola thirteenth,not yet here. Am tracking.

R E M E Y .1


Dated St.Thomas July 31st. It is urgently recommended that Arecibo be closed and that San Juan be reinforced by two vessels. New Orleans has been there alone,was relieved by Prairie alone.               F O L G E R2


Sent the following dispatch:--


To General Shafter. A large quantity of mail for the Army arrived here yesterday by the Mayflower. Please send boat for the same.3


To Secretary:--I respectfully call your attention to the report of Commander Maynard of the Nashville,made to Commodore Howell on July 27th,in regard to the condition of affairs at Gibara on the North Coast of the Province of Santiago,and respectfully urge that a sufficient Army force be sent there to occupy adjacent country. The people are in great need of food; there are many sick, and all are expecting assistance from the Government. Gibara at present occupied by the Cuban forces and out own ships. Maynard reports the Supply of food will no[t] last beyond ten days.4

To Commodore Remey:--Where is Badger and have her orders to come here been sent to her?

August 1st.


To Ordnance:--Please send in collier or convoy Azores Islands Rendezvous 200 gallons glycerine for recoil cylinders,2000 electric primers,2000 percussions primers.


To C.O.New Orleans. St.Thos.Can you fill with coal at St.Thomas.


To Captain Higginson,5Ponce. Coal Massachusetts and Dixie and telegraph on receiving this the earliest moment you can have them ready to leave for Europe. I expect New Orleans to coal at St.Thomas today. Yankee leaves today with your ammunition and instructions.


Received the following despatches:--


Dated Ponce Aug.1. It is urgently recommended that Arecibo be closed and that San Juan blockade be reinforced by two vessels. I go to St.Thomas tomorrow 31st relieved by Prairie. Return here at once.



Dated Ponce. Aug.1st. Permission to coal from Saturn now here Pocahontas good opportunity.



Dated Washington August 1st. No.105. Please obtain information,if possible,concerning Captain Joaquin Bustamente left at Santiago seriously wounded;was Admiral Cervera’s Chief Staff.6

C R O W N I N S H I E L D .


Sent the following despatch:--


To Secretary:--At request of the Commanding Officer of Massachusetts he has <been> given permission to coal Massachusetts and Dixie at Ponce. New Orleans is coaling at St. Thomas. Yankee takes Massachusetts ammunition to Ponce tonight. Apparently Badger has not yet received her orders sent 22nd directing her to be here the 26th. Shall be ready to leave with Squadron Friday evening and meet Massachusetts,New Orleans,Dixie and Yankee at a rendezvous on our course. If Badger does not arrive here recommend she be omitted.


Received the following despatches:--


Dated Washington August 1st. No. 106. Pillsbury and Delahanty7 will be examined immediately upon receipt of their records.

L O N G.


Dated Washington Aug.1st. No.207. When will you be through with the Playa office.8

C R O W N I N S H I E L D.


Received the following dispatch:--


Dated Santiago August 1st, Much obliged for the information about the mail. Will send for it the next two days and possibly tomorrow.



Sent the following despatch:--

To Commodore Remey:-- The(Graquerez)9 The Squadron going east will sail Friday seven A.M.unless I receive orders to the contrary from the Department. Please send a vessel with mail for this Squadron to arrive here Thursday night or early Friday morning.

Dated Santiago August 1st. I do not acknowledge the authority of the Secretary of the Navy in the matter in which you wire me. The surrender of Santiago was made to me by General Toral in person. In surrendering verbally all the prisoners and public property of Spain in the district commanded by him,and I accepting the same in the presence of troops representing all the respective armies. The details for carrying this surrender into effect was arranged by 3 commissioners on each side. These articles were signed by the respective commissioners in duplicate, one copy of handed by General Toral and the other was sent by me to the Secretary of War.10 Neither General Toral or myself signed them. Certainly could not and would not permit these articles to any officer for signature my own not being affixed and I shall protest to the Secretary of War against your signature to that document. I respectfully invite your attention to the fact that no claim for any credit for the capture of Cervera and his fleet has been made by the army,although it is a fact the Spanish fleet did not leave the harbor until the investment of the city was practically completed and Cervera had sufficient losses on land on July 1st and 2nd. Notably among them his Chief of Staff.11



August 2nd.   Received the following despatches:--


Dated Ponce August 1st. Massachusetts sailed with officers and Marines for Battalion. Dixie also sailed for Guantanamo.

C H E S T E R .12


Dated Washington Aug.1st. No.108. (Argutatota) The following telegram is received by the Secretary of War from the U.S.Consul at St. Michael,Azores Islands. 2200 tons of coal 30 shillings Governor consents delivery. The U.S. Minister to Mexico reports officially informed steamers Montevideo and Villaverde considered Spanish.auxiliary vessels. They will only be permitted to carry from Vera Cruz provisions,etc.,sufficient to reach the port of CadiZ. Observe this is not nearest Spanish port.13      LONG.


Dated Washington Aug.1st. No.109. In your telegram of August 1st concerning state of affairs at Gibara repeat first two cipher words.             L O N G .


Sent the following despatch:--


To Captain Chester. Ponce. Has Massachusetts left Ponce. Had my order directing Higginson to coal Massachusetts and Dixie arrived before departure of Massachusetts.


August 2nd.  Received the following telegram:--


Dated St.Thomas August 2nd. Shall be full of coal noon today and return at once.              F O L G E R .


Sent the following telegram :--


To Commodore Remey:--Direct Howell to keep close watch on Montserrat now in Matanzas.


To Secretary:--Have send today a second order to Remey to send Badger here. She will be coaled here.


To Secretary:--Is the Solace to return here,and when?

To Commodore Remey:--As the Badger is detailed for the Covering Squadron please send her here as soon as possible She can be coaled here.


To General Shafter:--General Ewers,who is now on board the Marblehead,asks me to inform you that he knows nothing of the whereabouts of Captain Albright, Twenty-fifth Infantry, about whom you telegraphed yesterday.14


Received the following despatch:--


Dated Key West,August 2nd. No orders have been received by me for Badger.            R E M E Y .


Sent the following communication to General Shafter:--

Dear Sir:-As the principal ships on the southern blockade are to depart from these waters for a cruise to the Mediterranean,it is probably right and proper that I should inform you that they may leave Guantanamo on Friday next.

     It has for some time been in contemplation to remove the small Battalion of Marines that have been encamped on the borders of the bay,to some other point,where they would now probably be of more service than at Guantanamo. As I am unaware of what your intentions are with regard to the Army,-and if it is compatible with your duties- I wou[l]d be pleased to learn whether you intend to occupy the country westward of Santiago;or in which direction you are most likely to operate;because it is my wish to co-operate with you as far as I am able to so,and this plan of co-operation would determine whether the Marines should be moved to Manzanillo or some point to the westward;or whether they should go at once to a point on the northern coast of the Island,where their services are now needed.

     I have received your telegram of August 1st,and beg to inform you that in asking for an opportunity to sign the terms of capitulation of the Province of Santiago, I was acting in conformity with a telegram from the Secretary of War, transmitted to me by the Honorable Secretary of the Navy. Very respectfully,etc.etc


August 3rd.   Received the following despatches:--


Dated Washington Aug.2nd. No.110. All packages for fleet brought north by Yankee were delivered to Supply as received. Iowa’s included.

C R O W N I N S H I E L D ?


Dated Washington Aug.2nd. No.111. The State Department has issued instructions to Consuls to give safe conduct to steamers San Ignacio de Loyola and San Francisco.



Dated Washington Aug.2. (Abrolhavao) Be very particular that all ships make daily report of number of knot run per one ton of coal used. This is to help you adjusting the coal Supply. The Department will direct collier also to keep such record the coal Supply has been reckoned upon habitual speed.

L O N G .


Dated Washington August 2nd. No.113.(Abdicativo) Covering and Eastern Squadron15 is to sail on the evening August 5th as proposed in your telegram of August 1st beginning Moriente Abarcado you will command fleet and observe the directions in the letters and telegrams you have received from the Department on the subject. The Squadron of colliers shall sail from Hampton Roads in time to meet you at the rendez-vous 200 nautical miles S 6 points West (W.S.W.) magnetic from Punta Delgada. Telegraph Department promptly if unforeseen delay arise.

L O N G .


Dated Washington August 2nd. No.114. (Aplastasen) The Department understands the fleet to consist of the New York,Brooklyn,Iowa,Indiana,Oregon,Massachusetts,New Orleans,Newark,and Aux. No.592 Yankee,595 Yosemite,434 Dixie, Mayflower and Aux.No.413 Badger. But it is supposed Newark detailed to Porto Rico and your telegram August 1st states Badger probably shall not join in time so these two may be omitted if not ready when you start and Yosemite and food ship Glacier will be sent with collier answer how understood by you.

L O N G .


Dated Key West August 2nd. Cannot send mail today. Dangerous weather.                     R E M E Y .


Dated Ponce August 2nd. Terror arrived yesterday. Massachusetts and Dixie sailed for Guantanamo yesterday.                         LUDLOW.16


Sent the following telegram:--

To Secretary:-Telegram 114 received understand squadrons are constituted as in telegram and in letter July 15th. Newark is here and will go. Badgers has not yet joined but expect her. Will sail Friday August 5th,6 P.M. Will telegraph if anything prevents. Squadron speed will be nine knots.


August 3rd.


Dated Ponce August 3rd. Massachusetts left before your orders came,Dixie also.            L U D L O W .


Dated Ponce August 2nd. Massachusetts left before arrival telegram. St.Paul,Cincinnati,St.Louis gone Arroyo land troops.                    L U D L O W .


Sent the following telegram:--


To Secretary:-Can Commodore Schley hoist his flag on the Armeria.17


To U.S.Consul.18 St.Thomas. Have eighty tons coal and ten thousand gallons water for Mayflower Friday night.


To Secretary:--Have the measurements of the vessels of the Eastern Squadron been made under the Suez Canal rules;if not delay may result. Probably can be measured by the Constructors from the drawings.


To General Shafter. Can you give me any definite information as to Captain Joaquin Bustamente.


To Navigation:- Replying to you telegram 207 of the 1st instant. Will not be through with Playa Office until Squadron leaves.

To Secretary:-- Where are the 1700 boiler tubes for the Vesuvius?


To Secretary:--Will Department please inform me if the War Department has made any contract with any neutral vessels that gives them right to enter Santiago,said vessels having loaded with cargo May 20th. This inquiry immediately concerns the Marie and Burton the former of which was captured today. Marie left Cadiz May 23rd with cargo 2600 tons Spanish coal,oil,waste,and provisions. Arrived Las Palmas June 6th. Arrived Point-a-Pitre June 20th. Has safe conduct from United States Consul. Shall this be respected.


Received the following despatches:--


Dated Key West Aug. 3rd. Frolic sailed with mail.Lebanon with stores and collier with four launches.                                REMEY.


Dated Washington Aug.3rd. Three thousand primers were sent you by Armeria and twenty-five hundred by Yankee. Will send glycerine and twenty five hundred more primers by collier.                            L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.3rd. Transfer Hospital Steward Farquar from Suwanee to first vessel coming North.19

C R O W N I N S H I E L D .


August 3rd.


Dated Washington August 3rd. No.115. Solace sailed   yesterday for Cuba and Porto Rico.              L O N G .


To Equipment:-Please send Iowa,Indiana, and New York one set of Mediterranean charts each as they have none.


Copy of a telegram dated New York August 3rd. Goode. Playa. Schley matter laid before McKinley Long showing him in accord with Sampson both satisfied further publication unwise tending keep matter open. MELSTONE20


Received the following telegrams:--


Dated Santiago Aug.3rd. Am sorry to say I can give you no information concerning Cap[t]ain Bustamente.



Dated Washington Aug.3rd. Make your annual report and that of commanding officers under Article 260 United States Navy Regulations full and complete in regard to all movements of ships and Naval operations. Instruct Howell and Chester to make report of former commands. All reports to be made up to close of war if possible instead of to July 1st.21

C R O W N I N S H I E L D .


Dated Washington Aug.3rd. Direct Commodore Schley to transfer his flag to the Newark. Newark is not to go.



August 4th.   Received the following despatches:--


Dated Washington Aug.3rd. No.116. (Convertir) Department detaches Newark from the U.S.fleet going beyond abroad and you give her to Captain No.2 Jan. 1898,as his Flagship.                       L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.3rd. No.117.(Partejada) It is estimated that if you start evening of August 5th and make 9 knots per hour you will reach rendezvous near Azores evening August 17th and as it is just learned that some of the colliers cannot make over 9 knots on account of defects in the boilers they will be started from Hampton Roads in time to meet you at rendez-vous on date of your arrival if you make 9 knots.

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.3rd. No.118. (Ceivamos)Rodgers22 reports Puritan and the Amphitrite and Aux.No.483 (Leyden) Cape San Juan,P.R.,needing coal and orders of Bureau of Equipment state collier(s) Aux.Nos. 545(Saturn) 459 (Hannibal) at Porto Rico.

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.3rd. No.119. ((Beluatam)If after arrival at Azores rendez-vous you think you should be supplied with more coal than the colliers contain telegraph Department promptly and Bureau of Equipment will order it sent to any rendez-vous you shall appoint.                             L O N G .

August 4th.


Sent the following despatch yesterday evening (Aug.3rd) :-


To the Secretary:-Yankee and Dixie arrived. Mayflower sailed for Porto Rico,Dupont for New York.


Sent the following despatches:--


To Secretary:--Massachusetts arrived last night.


To Secretary:-Survey of Porto Rican southern coast and harbors recommended.


To Navigation:-Your inquiry regarding Captain Joaquin Bustamente was referred to General Shafter who replied “I am sorry to say I can give you no information concerning Captain Bustamente” (Not Sent).



To Secretary:--Builders steam pipe No.8 connecting main and auxiliary steam systems Iowa split today new one necessary. Blue print June 18,1897,Bur.C.& R.23 Iowa will leave. May be able to braze pipe.


The C.O.Vixen,24Santiago. Get definite information as to the fate of Captain Bustamente,Cervera’s Chief of Staff,who was wounded July 1st. Navy Department wishes to know.


To Secretary:-- (Ragunslen) If delay in sailing of the Squadron not important would suggest that it or part of it be first sent to San Juan,Porto Rico,until the city has been captured. Probability of stormy resistances from land side at that place. Possibility that its fall may terminate the war. Probably require two weeks to reach the result by cooperation between Navy and Army San Juan can be destroyed from the water and may yield without much resistance to a proper show of Naval strength.25


Received the following despatches:--


Dated Washington August 4th. Spanish steamer Alicante leaves Martinique today for Santiago de Cuba with safe conduct.                                      L O N G .


Dated St.Thomas August 4th. Gloucester Wasp took possession Arroyo August 1st. Wainwright26 held it until arrival army next day. Troops disemabkred [i.e., disembarked]. St.Louis,St.Paul tonight they sail Guantanamo.                      C H E S T E R .


Sent the following despatch:--


To Secretary:- Iregret to report that Captain Clark of the Oregon has been condemned by Board of Medical Survey. At request of Commodore Watson I have ordered

August 4th.


Captain Albert S. Barker of the Newark as commanding officer of the Oregon and as Chief of Staff to Commodore Watson.27 The details subject to the approval of the Department. Will the Department please designate the commanding officer for the Newark.


Received the following despatches:--


Dated Ponce August 4th. Niagara arrived instructions needed. St. Louis sails for Santiago today.

S A N D S .28


Dated Washington Aug.4th. Order Resolute to Santiago to report to General Shafter to bring home soldiers.St.Paul and St. Louis have home orders. Inform them they were to carry only soldiers who have no infectious disease. Was there any unemployed army transports at Guantanamo.                    LONG.


Dated Washington Aug.4th. The Marie and Burton were converted into neutral vessels with cargo by State Department at request of War Department the latter desiring both vessels and cargo for their own use.

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.4th. Send collier Lebanon now en route Guantanamo to Cardenas to Supply coal to blockading vessels there.

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.4th. Referring to telegram 9th ultimo weekly reports progress of wreckers. No such reports yet received.



Sent the following despatches:--


To Secretary:--Referring to Department’s telegram received today beginning Waldungen Vacante Plenes repeat 7th and 9th cipher words.


To Commanding Officer Mayflower or New Orleans, St. Thomas. Negotiations for peace pending. Will not sail until further orders.


To Secretary:-Marines are breaking camp and are about embarking in Resolute for other service. Shall we continue this and let Army have Resolute after this movement is finished?


To Secretary:--Answering inquiry Captain Bustamente died 19th July of wounds received 1st July while ashore in command of detachment of 1000 men from Cervera’s squadron.


Received the following telegrams:--


August 4th.


Dated Washington Aug.4th. Referring to Bistraer Kneebrush Annual report Bur.C& R.,1897,p.20 and 21 contain dimension of battleships that go via Suez Canal the book will be sent you to Azores Islands Rendez-vous.                               LONG.


Dated Washington Aug.4th. (Stimolerei) Small British schooner A.J.McKeen sailed July 24th from Halifacx,N.S., probable destination Nuevitas,Cuba,Point a Pitre,Guadaloupe June 29th consider that the Norwegian steamer Marie has Spanish cargo and might probably prove to be Spanish vessel as paper(s) not satisfactory. Informed that Haitien steamer Marie Louise just returned x x x provisions Spanish Army. Haitien government canceled paper.She is loading again. Was refused British registry.

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.4th. (Ceivamos) The Puritan and the Amphitrite and Aux.No.483 (Leyden) at Cape San Juan,P.R., needing coal. Have directed Rodgers to send to Ponce,P.R.,or Guanica for a collier and retain her afterwards Aux. No.596 (Yosemite) now at Newport News,Va.,will convoy from Hampton Roads,Va.,to Rendez,vous near Azores Islands.             LONG.


Dated Washington Aug.4th. (Waldungen) Negotiations are pending with Spain therefore do not sail with ocean fleet until further orders.                 L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.4th. (Alfoncigo) if practicable get the deficient Mediterranean sea chart from any the Newark and the San Francisco the Columbia and Aux.No.569 (Yosemite) convoy of the collier Squadron will probably take some.

L O N G .


August 5th. Dated Washington Aug.5th. Charts for Iowa Indiana and New York sent by Yosemite.  B R A D F O R D .29


Sent the following despatches:--


S.O.P.30 Ponce. Has Niagrara sailed for Guantanamo. If not send her at once.

To Secretary:--The Marie was loaded at Cadiz by Henry McPherson with coal and 40 tons provisions May 22nd. She xxxxxxx touched at Las Palmas and cleared for Santiago. Are the final instructions to release her.


Received the following telegram:--


Dated Washington August 5th. The Department learns of Captain Clark’s illness with great regret Barker’s orders to Oregon and as Chief of Staff to Watson approved. The Department will detail commanding officer for Newark.                            L O N G .


Sent the following telegrams:--


To General Shafter:--The Navy Department directs that the St.Louis and St.Paul in bringing home soldiers are to carry only those who have no infectious disease.


August 5th.


To Secretary:--(Ragunslein) How long will the delay of sailing of the Squadron continue and shall I distribute the ships on the blockade in the meanwhile.


Received the following telegram:--


Dated Santiago August 5th. Telegram from Master of Marie saying he was being held by your orders. I don’t know about this particular ship but my orders from Washington are to allow all ships carrying supplies for Spanish transport which are to carry prisoners to enter duty free

S H A F T E R , M A J O R  G E N E RAL


Sent the following telegram:--


To Commodore Remey:-- Has Commodore Howell cleared channel at Nuevitas. Marines leave here for that port early tomorrow morning; they will arrive there Sunday morning. Has the Badger sailed for this port? Squadron will not sail for the east until further orders.


Received the following telegrams:--


Dated August 5th. (Pecharnant Bindeth) Send at once Aux. No. 540 (Resolute) to Isle of Pines disembark Marines return without delay to Santiago for the troops. Time of disembarkation left to discretion of Senior Officer but should take place at earliest date advisable.                                 L O N G .


Dated Washington August 5th. Send Armeria to Key West as soon as she has discharged ammunition.    L O N G .


Dated Washington August 5th. Saturn Ponce with coal.

B R A D F O R D .


Dated Washington August 5th. Please detach Naval Cadet Hiliary A.Herbert,Jr.,from duty on board St.Louis and order to Brooklyn.

L O N G .

Dated Ponce August 5ht [i.e., th]. Niagara sailed for Guantanamo last night.                  S A N D S .


Dated Washington Aug.5th. (Pheormeters) Commodore Howell suggests (?) that any blockade that may have been put on to the east of Cardenas may be discontinued during the hurricane season unless a near port of refuge available.



Dated Washington Aug.5.(Stimolers)Small Spanish steamer praviano cleared yesterday Progresso,Mexico,for Jamaica probable destination Batabano,Cuba,will probably show Mexican flag. Yolanthe sailed Aug.4th from Vera Cruz,Mex., for Sagua la Grande. Mexican steamer Veracru probably sail soon from Vera Cruz for Caibarien.



August 6th.   Received the following despatches:--


Dated Washington August 5th. Considering the length of time the Marine Battalion has been south and the time they have been ashore,do you think their health will warrant them being used on any further land service or should they be sent North.

L O N G .


Dated Santiago August 6th. I find that the Marie Burton is one of the vessels bearing coal and provisions for transports for Spanish prisoners that I am notified to expect.



Dated Key West August 6th. Your telegram today forwarded to Howell. No information from him about Nuevitas. Badger sails tomorrow night for Guantanamo with boats.                               REMEY.


Sent the following telegram:--


To Secretary:-- Marine Battalion is in excellent health. Sicklist number two and one half percent. Fleet Surgeon reports that they are in better condition for service in this climate than they were when they first arrived south in June. Contrast in the health between the Battalion and the Army is most marked. Health of the Squadron at Guantanamo fairly good. Sicklist numbers about three percent. General tone of health of the ships’ companies has fallen considerably since the first of July. This,however,is not due to the prevalence of any disease,but is probably due to the release from the strain and constant effort under which they so long lived. And to this probably more than to any other cuase [i.e., cause] is due their somewhat impaired physique I do not think it is necessary to send the Battalion north. In case there is no immediate use for the New York,Iowa,Indiana and Orgeon,I would advise their going north,if, but for a few days. The crews have borne their privations in a manner beyond praise. Those of the first three ships have not been ashore for seven months,and these months in a debilitating climate.


Received the following telegrams:--

Dated Santiago Aug.6th. Casket for T.W.Miller arrived yesterday and is now on dock at Santiago. His brother can come and remove body.31



Dated Santiago Aug.6th. There will be no men loaded on St.Louis and St.Paul who have any suspicion of an infectious disease,but no one can foresee whether or not cases may break out on the voyage.



Dated Key West Aug.6th. San Francisco arrived.As instruction not received channel to Nuevitas not been cleared. Shall I proceed with San Francisco to Nuevitas.                                HOWELL.


Dated Washington Aug.6th. Weather Bureau having arranged to receive reports of approaching hurricanes will advise you early as possible.

C R O W N I N S H I E L D .

August 6th. 


Sent the following telegrams:--


To Secretary:-- Frolic arrived last night. St.Louis today. Armeria sailed today for Key West.


To Commodore Howell:-- Telegram received. It is not necessary for you to proceed to Nuevitas.


To C.O.New Orleans & Mayflower.32 (Abjugate)New Orleans return to blockade of San Juan and report to the Senior Officer Present, Mayflower remains off Cape San Juan and call into St.Thomas every second day. Eastern cruise possibly abandoned.


To Secretary:--Referring to Department’s telegram of Aug. 5th I do not consider it necessary to abandon the blockade or any part of it in consequence of the hurricane season. Commanding Officers have been specially warned to take all precautions against hurricanes. See my circular letter No.79 of August 3rd.33


Received the following telegrams:--


Dated Washington Aug.6th. The Burton and Marie have been given safe conduct. Replying to your telegram this Department regrets that as one of the Departments of the Government has pledged the safe conduct of the Marie it will be necessary to release her.

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.6th.(Vastloopen) Agent at Gibraltar x x the two guns at each of fort San Sebastian and San Filipe,Cadiz,Spain,are 32 centimeters at Algeciras,Spain be (are) 16 modern gun carriage 15 centimeter and 4 guns 24 centimeter and 7000 men reported.

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.6th. (Vatermacht) Delay in fleet x x sailing he (is) still uncertain. The ships must be kept ready to start at 12 hours notice and must not be distributed to the blockade.

L O N G .


Dated St.Thomas Aug.6th. The orders to New Orleans left San Juan open.

F O L G E R .


August 7th.   Received the following dispatch:--

Dated Washington August 6th.(Aplebeyar) The American Minister Mexico states custom house lately established Island Mugeres offers considerable convenience to vessels from Mexican ports and neighboring ports that go to Mugeres for clearance with the intention of running the blockade of Cuba. There are principally schooners and one the Arturo lately returned from Batabano will clear again for Batanbano.or Colomo where the Villaverde landed her last cargo successfully. The following are vessels known to be engaged in this business: Dolores,Arturo,Victoria, Tezuma.

L O N G .


Sent the following despatches:--


To Secretary:--Niagara and Lebanon with schooner arrived. Frolic leaves today for Porto Rico thence Key West.


To Secretary:--Andrade supplements telegrams of July 22nd and 24th by reporting Massachusetts ready for specified service.34 He will report at Department while returning home his duty now being completed.


August 8th.   Received the following despatches:--


Dated New York Aug.8th. Transport Gussie reported lost will you kindly tell us if she is with fleet.35

S U N .

Sent the following despatches:--


To Senior Officer Present. Ponce. Send Massachusetts handy billy and hose on board Gloucester and Oregon’s boats in possession of Army to Guantanamo first opportunity. When did St.Paul sail?


To Secretary:-- (Ululemus)The Second party of wreckers have examined the Colon and state positively she cannot be saved. No change in position. Recommend that no work be done except save guns. To wreck the Mercedes next. Teresa36 not yet off.


To Navigation:--Tug Manati37 has been surrendered,shall use her here;wish to enlist three men aboard her for temporary service who cannot speak English. Request authority.


To Navigation:--Please send 35 coal passers for ships at Guantanamo. Much needed.


To N.Y.Sun. The Gussie was at Arroyo Porto Rico August

August 8th. 3rd


Received the following dispatch:--


Dated Ponce August 8th. ((Brushwhol) Arrived August 6th. Columbia and Montgomery Terror Wasp Prairie here. Prairie ordered blockade San Juan,P.R. Amphitrite in the possession of Cape San Juan,P.R. Lighthouse reestablished Fajardo,P.R. best base for operations against San Juan,P.R. Please let me have definite instructions.

R O D G E R S .

Received the following despatches:--

To Captain Sigsbee.38 St.Paul. Dated Ponce Aug.8th. Please telegraph me number and description of packages sent to Comanche for me.

Nelson A. Miles.39


Dated Washington Aug.8th. Detach Captain Goodrich from St.Louis and order him command Newark. Sigsbee is to command Texas.                         L O N G .


Sent the following despatch:--


To Secretary:-Telegram received. Goodrich assumes command of the Newark at Guantanamo today.


August 9th.   Received the following telegrams:--


Dated Washington Aug. 8th. By what authority are you blockading Sagua la Grande it is not included in the President’s proclamation you have not informed Department that you have blockaded it an therefore no proclamation has been issued. Courts are not releasing vessels captured. Claims for damages will be heavy. Protests from three Governments already received at State Department. Proclamation will be issued if considered advisable but in the meantime you are not authorized to capture neutral vessels going there.

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.8th. Appears to Department wreckers need prodding.

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.8th. Niagara is assigned to duty as a freight steamer instead of a collier. She is to make regular trips around the island of Cuba and if necessary to Porto Rico when specially ordered with stores and supplies of all kinds distributing same to ships to which they belong and gathering up such things as will brought back to the United States. She is not to be diverted from this duty for any purpose whatever.

L O N G .

August 9th.


Dated Washington Aug.8th. Return reports relating toexamination Comly,Hill,Twinning,with statement whether board finds anything therein to change recommendation for promotion.40

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.8th.  Direct second expedition of wreckers to start to work on Colon.41


Sent the following despatch:--


To General Shafter. St.Paul too long to enter Santiago. Commanding Officer recommends as more expeditious that transports with troops and stores come alongside St.Paul here. This is based on his recent experience in transportation.


To Secretary:--(Abairrada) I recommend that proclamation be issued all the ports of Cuba of Porto Rico and other Spanish ports of the West Indies are blockaded.


To Commodore Howell:--(Marizzava) Have recommended that the whole coast of Cuba be declared blockaded. Department wires Sagua la Grande not yet declared.


To Secretary:-Solace very much needed here. Has she been stopped en route?


To Secretary:--When telegram “Direct second expedition of wreckers to start to work on Colon” was sent,had my telegram of same date on same subject been received.


Received the following despatch:--


Dated Washington Aug.8th.(Aplayarial) The U.S.Consul,Progresso,Meixco,according to telegram of Aug.4th states several small sailing craft from Campeachy,Mexico,were then near Batabano seeking entry.                             L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.9th. Extend every aid you can to embarcation of Army xxxxxxxxxx troops on their transports. Bad weather may make their embarcation difficult.                              LONG.


Dated Washington Aug.9th. Referring to telegram yesterday concerning Sagua should ready ports are now releasing vessels.



Dated Wash’n Aug. 9.Enlistment authorized 3 men Manati.



Dated Was’n Aug. 9. Lieut.Davis ordered to take place of Low on Iowa.

H E Y W O O D .42


Dated St. Thomas Aug.9. Cape San Juan.  H U N K E R .43


August 9th.  Sent the following despatches:--


To Secretary:--Beg you will call upon Schley for an official denial of his statement in press dispatch of July 19th unless you think it will not effect my future to permit it to pass.

To S.O.P.44 Ponce. Cannot give specific instructions as I am not aware of the conditions which exist at the present times. Generally you will assist the Army in every way practicable;as soon as the army has left the south coast I suggest you proceed with your vessels to the north coast off San Juan,P.R.,closely blockade that port and be ready to bombard city as the army approaches. Leave a vessel or vessels to protect the colliers,etc.,on the south coast. Notify the town of San Juan under a flag of truce and in ample time that the city will be bombarded by you unless it surrenders. By placing the monitors,the New Orleans and the other heavu [i.e., heavy] vessels to the northeast of the city and at a distance of 3 miles (naut.) you can easily shell city by each vessel using her largest guns. I would advise this action after due warning that women and children may be removed from the city. Do not waste ammunition on any of the batteries.


Received the following despatches:--


Dated Santiago August 9th. It is impracticable to send troops and stores to Playa to embark on the St.Paul. All I can do is to send the troops etc. on lighters to the mouth of the harbor where they can embark on St.Paul. Will the St.Louis be at mouth of harbor by tomorrow morning.



Dated Ponce. Aug.9th. St.Paul sailed morning 7th.



Sent the following telegram:--

To General Shafter:-St.Louis should have arrived at mouth of harbor at nine A.M. today she is too long to enter with even moderate sea it will be difficult to transfer troops there. The St.Paul same size is now here awaiting instructions.


Received the following telegrams:--


Dated Washington Aug.9. Since telegraphing you I have consulted with my Quartermaster and learn that it is possible to send troops to Guantanamo on transports. How many will Yale carry comfortably without crowding and will ship feed men while on board.



August 9th.  Received the following despatches:--


Dated Washington Aug. 9th. Yes telegram received before telegram was sent.

L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.9th.(Bistrais) Referring to your telegram of August 9th beginning Abairrada It is considered best for a few days not to extend the blockade beyong [i.e., beyond] what has already been proclaimed. Beyond these limits be very careful not to seize vessels unless Spanish or carrying contraband of war as neutrals have right to trade with(?) ports not proclaimed blockaded.                        L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.9th. (Aplayaria) U.S.Consular Agent Monte Christi,Haiti,Santo Domingo and Moragoane45 state no coal at those places.           L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.9th. (Septuary) the Department assumes that you will assign to the vessels under your command destined towards Europe successive rendezvous in case of long separation.                   L O N G .


Dated Washington Aug.9th. Safe conduct issued to French steamer Cheribon transport prisoners Santiago to Spain.                         CROWNINSHIELD.


Dated Washington Aug.9th. Your recommendation regarding supplies for Vulcan is approved have requisitions made on steam engineering.



Dated Washington Aug.9th. Please detach Naval Cadet Coombs46 from Scorpion and direct to proceed home on leave.                                  LONG


Dated Washington Aug.9th. Hold a fast ship at Guantanamo always ready to carry immediate notice of approach of hurricanes to the blockades on the south coast of Cuba the weather Bureau will receive telegraphic notice from stations in windward islands and the department will telegraph to Guantanamo.

L O N G.


Dated Washington Aug.9th. (Vastzetten) The Department is very desirous that blockade of Batabano and neighborhood be confined to light draft vessels placed inside Isle of Pines when these could alter destination in case of hurricane vessels off Cienfuegos should be instructed to acquaint themselves with anchorages to the eastward and westward which might serve for refuge,but as ability to make these anchorages when hurricanes approaches might be doubtful the blockaders off Cienfuegos should be for the present seaworthy ships powerful enough to stand out to sea and weather a hurricane. Arrangements have been mad with weather bureau to notify vessels on north coast of approaching hurricanes.  



August 9th.


Dated Key West Aug.9th. Dixie,through Naval Base. Why did you seize the French steamer Manoubia when she was 200 miles from Sagua. Did you understand Sagua was a blockaded port?                       L O N G .


Dated Santiago August 9th. Have just found St.Louis will put men on board her near Morro will send transports to Guantanamo with troops for St.Paul. How many will she hold.                  GENERAL SHAFTER.


Sent the following telegrams:--


To Secretary:--Ensign junior to MacFarland48 fifth watch officer on Oregon and so ordered by Department and Mac Farland would make a sixth which is undesirable. The Helena needs his services much more and in circumstances would suggest his remaining on board Helena.


To Secretary:--St.Paul,Badger,Schooner Talofa arrived. St.Louis went off Santiago to receive troops. The Newark and Resolute with the Marine Battalion. Osceola,Suwanee sailed for Isle of Pines Scorpion Cape Cruz,Cuba.


To General Shafter:--Captain Sigsbee reports as follows:- Have carried a full regiment and can do it again if men are well. The troops will have to subsist themselves. Will cook their coffee etc. Troops should have seven days travel rations.


August 10th.  Received the following despatches:--

Dated Santiago August 10th. Can the horses of General Kent49 and staff,probably from twelve to fifteen in number,be taken on board the St.Paul.



Dated Washington August 10th. Have promised to send Mac Farland to the Oregon. Please make the transfer.



Dated Washington August 10th. Materials and stores used for work under various Bureaus by Vulcan will be supplied entirely by steam engineering and covered by ship transfer requisition as usual.

 M E L V I L L E .


Dated Santiago. Captain Jacobsen50 commanding the German cruiser Geier has asked me to request of you permission to visit the sunken Spanish warships.



Dated Santiago August 10th. Transports with troops for St.Paul leave for Guantanamo this evening.


August 10th. Sent the following despatches:--


To Secretary:--Do not understand part of telegram concerning Sagua as first receieved “Courts are not releasing vessels captured”. The correction said that “Ports are no releasing vessels.” Which,if either,expression is correct.


To Secretary:--Cadet Combs orders north on St.Louis.


To Secretary:- Orders for Paymaster Iglehart51 received. He was detailed for Scorpion. Is much needed. Scorpion on Cape Cruz blockade. Probably will not be communicated with for a month.


 To General Shafter:-Telegram received. Can take three horses if stalls come with them.


To General Shafter:-Captain Jacobson’s request to visit sunken Spanish warships granted.


Received the following despatches:--


Dated New York August 10th. To Goode. Peace protocol has been agreed upon.                 M A C K .52

Dated Washington August 10th. (Apparition) Mexican schooner Tres Harmonos cleared Compeachy,Mexico,53for Santiago Aug.6th. suspect will run blockade.

L O N G .


August 11th.  Received the following despatches:--

Dated Washington Aug.11. (Appiedare) Two schooners,one bark,one brig,all Spanish left Montevideo end of June for Cuba with jerked beef,tallow,etc.,voyage estimated 45 to 55 days.



Dated Washington Aug.11th. The expression should be Courts are now releasing vessels.            L O N G .


Dated Washington July 10th. (Allaudes) Confidential despatch from Havana says that Captain General (?)55 has had his vessels ready since yesterday but he has not left yet. Program (be) is to leave flying red cross flag with sick soldiers on board. Probably try to leave tonight. Vessel probably Montserrat. Watch carefully all ports. Use all diligence and despatch possible.                             L O N G .

(Sent to Commodore Remey)


Dated Santiago Aug.10th. Is there on[e] of your ships available for taking from Santiago to Porto Rico 15 Paymasters, 15 Paymaster’s Clerks, one million dollars,and 18 safes weighing about 350 pounds each.



Dated Ponce Aug.10th. (Sjonbriato) Saturn has been grounded here am not certain about floating her and coal may be needed. Hannibal Cape San Juan coaling vessels there. Answer. Collier should be sent here immediately. RODGERS.


August 12th.  Received the following despatches:--

Dated Washington Aug.11.Was experimental San Muller <Saegmuller>56 range finder received on board Iowa. If so when the Bureau’s letter of Sept.28,1897.No.7103.



Dated Washington Aug.12th. What is the cause for requisition for eight inch mushrooms[;] are vents injured.57                      ALLEN, ACTING SECRETARY.


Dated Washington Aug.12th. Suspend all hostilities blockade of Cuba and Porto Rico is raised. Howell ordered to assemble vessels at Key West. Proceed with the New York, Brooklyn,Indiana,Oregon,Iowa and Massachusetts to Tompkinsville. Schley to come north in Brooklyn. Place the monitors in a safe harbor in Porto Rico. Watson transfer his flag to Newark and remain at Guantanamo. Assemble all cruisers in safe harbor. Order marines north in Resolute.



Dated Washington Aug.11th. Safe conducts have been issued to the steamers Montevideo and Villeverda and Leonora.



August 12th.


Dated Washington Aug.11th. Please detach from Castine and order home on leave Naval Cadet Howe.



Dated Washington Aug.11th. Send the Vesuvius to New York.                   ALLEN, ACTING SECRETARY.


Dated Key West Aug.12. No steam collier here. No information Montserrat.

R E M E Y .


Dated St.Thomas. Cadet Boardman died August 10th. Accidental gunshot wound.     B A R C L A Y.58


August 13th.  Receieved the following despatches:--


Dated Washington Aug.13th. In addition to Marines have Resolute proceed to Santiago and take north whatever soldiers in addition she can carry. Department desires you to offer to General Shafter to bring north such troops as you can accommodate on your ships.



Dated Washington August 13th. The following proclamation has been issued by the President of the United States:-- Whereas by a Protocol concluded and signed August 12th, 1898,by William R.Day,Secretary of State of the United States and His Excellency Jules Chambon,Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of France at Washington,respectively representing for this purpose the Government of the United States and the Government of Spain;the United States and Spain have formally agreed upon the terms xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx On which the negotiations for the establishment of peace between the two countries shall be undertaken;and whereas it is in said protocol agreed that upon its conclusion and signature hostilities between the two countries shall be suspended and that notice to that effect shall be given as soon as possible by each Government to the Commanders of its military and naval forces;now therefore,I,William McKinley,President of the United States do,in accordance with the stipulation of the Protocool,declare and proclaim on the part of the United States,a suspension of hostilities,and do hereby command that orders be immediately given,through the proper channel to the commanders of military and naval forces of the United States,to abstain from all acts inconsistent with this proclamation. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand an caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the City of Washington this twelfth day of August,in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eigth,and of the Independence of the United States, the one hundred and twenty-third. William McKinley. By the President, WILLIAM R. DAY,Secretary of State.



August 13th.  Sent the following despatches:---


To Secretary:-Resolute has 500 men on board besides crew. Recommend she receive no additional and possibly contagious men. Armored ships have no room to carry troops. Small number possible. No worth chance of contagion.


To S.O.P. Ponce. All hostilities suspended by proclamation of President. Inform all ships on coast. Have monitors go to Guanica or other suitable hurricane harbor now in our possession. Send all other vessels to Guantanamo unless otherwise ordered by Department.


To S.O.P. Ponce. Retain Prairie,Wasp,and Hannibal with monitors for the present.


To Commodore Remey:-- Please send all skylights,boats,messchests and other gear belonging to the New York,Brooklyn,Indiana,Iowa,Oregon and Massachusetts and the mail to New York Navy first opportunity. Commander-in-Chi[e]f sails with these ships tomorrow for Tompkinsville. Commodore Watson remains on board Newark at Guantanamo.


To Secretary:--Commanding Officer Iowa59 reports Range Finder was received on board about February 1st.


To Captain Goodrich. Manzanillo. Return with all ships to Guantanamo excepting one which send westward to inform others that blockade is raised and that they will go to Key West.


To Secretary:--Can sail tomorrow morning if Department approves my recommendation of not carrying troops.

To Commodore Remey:--Department directs you detach Naval Cadet Howe60 from Castine order him home on leave


Received the following despatch:--

Dated Manzanillo August 13th. Off Cape Cruz. Received information that Manzanillo would surrender under reasonable pressure. Appeared off place Friday with Newark,Resolute,Suwanee,Hist,Osceola,and Alvarado. Demanded unconditional surrender. On refusal began shelling the fortifications and continued through the night. Daylight this morning by flag of truce received telegram from Acting Secretary announcing Armistice. Please instruct me as to movements of vessels here.

G O O D R I C H .61


August 13th.Receieved the following despatches:--


Dated Washington Aug.13.(Marquisdom) Permit French cable ship to land cable at place(s) under the control of the U.S.Forces.                 ALLEN,    ACTING.


Dated Washington Aug.13. Contract with wreckers on Maria Teresa is a per diem one. Are you satisfied with their efforts?                              ALLEN.


Dated Washington Aug.13. After Solace has taken on board sick send her to Porto Rico for sick of vessels that are there and then proceed to Naval Hospital Chelsea.                                     ALLEN.


Dated Washington Aug.13. The steamers which the General Transatlantic Company proposes to send to Santiago to take on board there passengers for Spain are the Manoubia and Ville de Marseilles.



Dated Washington Aug.13. Recommendations concerning Resolute and Battleships approved.             ALLEN.

Dated Washington Aug.13. Your second telegram received. Your recommendation of not carrying troops is approved and the Department desires you to sail without delay.                           ALLEN.


Dated Washington Aug.13. Change orders to Associate Paymaster Iglehart to ready duty on board Scorpion instead Iris.                             ALLEN.   


Dated Washington Aug.13. Telegram Passed Assistant Hatton62 on board Terror that Assistant Treasurer New York reports Hatton balance 13,457 dollars.



Dated Manzanillo Aug.13. No Casualties yesterday. Does the armistice open the port to commerce.



Sent the following despatches:--


To Secretary:-Work of wreckers is not entirely satisfactory. The ship must be lightened before she can be floated This work the wreckers are doing now.Further details by mail


To Secretary:-The New York,Brooklyn,Iowa,Indiana, Oregon and Massachusetts will sail tomorrow,Sunday morning at ten o’clock direct for New York. All the vessels on the south coast of Cuba have been ordered to assemble at Guantanamo. The monitors, Prairie, Wasp,Hannibal have been ordered to Guanica or other safe port. The other vessels at Porto Rico have been ordered to Guantanamo,and directed to bring any sick there may be on the ships remaining at Porto Rico Solace will thus collect all sick here. Expect to arrive New York on Saturday.


August 14th.  Received the following despatches:--


Dated Santiago August 14th. I am Fiscal Agent for United States Government in Cuba. I have just received a cable stating that the blockade has been raised and all Cuba ports declared open. Desire to reach Havana at the earliest possible moment in order that all customs collected may be deposited with me,also to attend to other fiscal duties for the Government. Will you kindly allow me to accompany one of your vessels . When do you go or send to Havana. SAMUEL M.JARVIS,VICE PRESIDENT N.A.TRUST CO.


Sent the following despatches:--


To Commandant,New York.63 Please have the anchorage at Tompkinsville clear if practicable for six ships by next Saturday.


To Goodrich,Manzanillo. Certainly not. Return here at once with all ships as directed.


At 10.00 left Guantanamo Harbor for New York,in company with the following ships:--Brooklyn, Iowa, Indiana, Oregon and Massachusetts.


Source Note: Cy, DNA, 313, Entry 56, Box 11. Words in angle brackets are interlineations in the typed copy. Interlineations written in the margins are found in the footnotes. In portions of the command diary, there is written in the left margin a précis of the dispatch discussed. The editors have chosen not to print these short summaries.

Footnote 1: Commo. George C. Remey, Commandant, Key West Naval Base.

Footnote 2: Cmdr. William M. Folger of cruiser New Orleans.

Footnote 3: Maj. Gen. William R. Shafter.

Footnote 4: That is, Secretary of the Navy John D. Long, Cmdr. Washburn Maynard, and Commo. John A. Howell. For Maynard’s report, see: North Atlantic Fleet Squadron Bulletin No. 50, 1 August 1898.

Footnote 5: Capt. Francis J. Higginson.

Footnote 6: That is, Capt. Joaquín Bustamante y Quevedo and Adm. Pascual Cevera y Topete, and Commo. Arent S. Crowninshield, Chief of the Bureau of Navigation. As seen in a later dispatch, Bustamante died of his wounds.

Footnote 7: Lt. Cmdr. John E. Pillsbury and Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Delehanty.

Footnote 8: Undoubtedly, the cable office at Playa de Este (Guantánamo).

Footnote 9: “Graquerez“ was the first word of cipher in a coded telegram.

Footnote 10: That is, Secretary of War Russell A. Alger and Spanish Commander in Eastern Cuban, Gen. José Toral y Vázquez.

Footnote 11: Capt. Joaquín Bustamante y Quevedo was Adm. Cevera’s chief of Staff. There is a handwritten interlineation in the margin to the left that states: “Why Shafter declines to send Articles of Capitulation of Santiago.” For the aforementioned surrender terms, and the list of commissioners, see: Surrender Agreement for the Santiago District, 15 July 1898. This letter is one element in the feud that erupted between the commanders of the Army and Navy at Santiago de Cuba. For more on this feud, see: Joint Operations at Santiago de Cuba.

Footnote 12: Capt. Colby M. Chester.

Footnote 13: The United States Consul at St. Michael was G. H. Pickerill. The United States Minister to Mexico was Powell Clayton.

Footnote 14: Gen. Ezra Ewers and Capt. Frank H. Albright, United States Army.

Footnote 15: For more on the make-up and mission of these squadrons, see: The Eastern Squadron.

Footnote 16: Capt. Nicoll Ludlow, commander of Terror, a monitor.

Footnote 17: Commo. Winfield S. Schley, Commanding, Second Squadron blockading southern Cuba.

Footnote 18: United States Consul Philip C. Hanna was at St. Thomas after relocating from San Juan.

Footnote 19: Hospital Steward Raymond Rodgers Farquahar M.D.

Footnote 20: That is, Journalist W.A.M. Goode, President William McKinley, and Melville E. Stone, founder of the Chicago Daily News. This telegram references a point of contention being waged by the press over who deserved credit for the victory at Santiago de Cuba, Sampson or Schley. For more on this issue, see: Schley to Sampson, 10 July 1898.

Footnote 21: Howell commanded the European Station and Chester commanded the South Atlantic Station before the war.

Footnote 22: Capt. Frederick Rodgers of Puritan.

Footnote 23: That is, Bureau of Construction and Repair.

Footnote 24: Lt. Alexander Sharp, Jr.

Footnote 25: See: Joint Operations at Puerto Rico.

Footnote 26: Cmdr. Richard Wainwright.

Footnote 27: Capt. Charles E. Clark and Commo. John C. Watson, Commander, Eastern Squadron. Clark suffered from “a tropical fever.” Sternlicht, McKinley’s Bulldog: The Battleship Oregon, 98.

Footnote 28: Capt. James H. Sands.

Footnote 29: Cmdr. Royal B. Bradford, Chief of the Bureau of Equipment.

Footnote 30: That is, Senior Officer Present, which was Capt. Frederick Rodgers of Puritan.

Footnote 31: Pvt. Theodore W. Miller of the First Volunteer Cavalry was killed at the Battle of San Juan Hill. Assistant Engineer John V. Miller of the Marblehead, was granted a leave of absence by the Secretary of the Navy to take his brother’s remains home. See: Journal of Sampson, July 1898.

Footnote 32: The commanding officer of New Orleans was Capt. William M. Folger; the commanding officer of Mayflower was Cmdr. Morris R.S. Mackenzie. The Senior Officer Present at San Juan, Puerto Rico was Capt. Frederick Rodgers.

Footnote 34: Chief Engineer of New York Cipriano Andrade.

Footnote 35: As seen later in this journal, the Gussie was at Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

Footnote 36: That is, Reina Mercedes and Infanta Maria Teresa.

Footnote 37: The Spanish tug Manati was captured by Helena on 29 July. See: Prize List for Vessels of the North Atlantic Fleet.

Footnote 38: Capt. Charles D. Sigsbee.

Footnote 39: Maj. Gen. Nelson A. Miles commanded the American army operating in Puerto Rico.

Footnote 40: That is, Lt. Samuel P. Comly, Lt. Frank K. Hill, and Ens. Nathan C. Twinning.

Footnote 41: That is, the Spanish battleship Christóbal Colón, which was sunk at the battle of Santiago de Cuba on 3 July 1898.

Footnote 42: 2nd Lt. Austin R. Davis, 2nd Lt. Theodore H. Low, and Col. Charles Heywood, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps.

Footnote 43: Cmdr. John J. Hunker, commander of the monitor Annapolis.

Footnote 44: Senior Officer Present, which was Capt. Frederick Rodgers.

Footnote 45: That is, Monte Christi and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Miragoane in Haiti.

Footnote 46: Cadet James R. Coombs, Jr.

Footnote 47: “LONG” was a handwritten addition.

Footnote 48: Ens. Horace G. MacFarland.

Footnote 49: Brig. Gen. Jacob Ford Kent, who commanded the First Division, U.S. Volunteers.

Footnote 50: Capt. Hermann Jacobson of the German cruiser Geier.

Footnote 51: Paymaster Edmund B. Iglehart.

Footnote 52: W.A.M. Goode was a reporter for the Associated Press who was “embedded” aboard New York; Frank Walstine Mack was a superintendent for the Associated Press. The text of the Peace Protocol, dated 13 August, appears later in this document.

Footnote 53: That is, Campeche, Mexico.

Footnote 54: Assistant Secretary of the Navy Charles H. Allen.

Footnote 55: The Captain-General of Cuba was Ramón Blanco y Erenas.

Footnote 56: Above the typed “San Muller” someone handwrote “Saegmuller.” Actually American inventors George N. Saegmuller and George M. Searle invented two range finders, one for use on the deck of a ship and the other to be used “aloft, on the mast head of a ship, for instance.” Scientific American, vol. 77 (1897), 148. As seen below in a telegram sent 13 August, it was installed sometime in February 1898.

Footnote 57: Allen is referring to mushroom ventilators.

Footnote 58: Cadet William H. Boardman and Capt. Charles J. Barclay of the monitor Amphitrite.

Footnote 59: Capt. Robly D. Evans.

Footnote 60: Cadet Alfred G. Howe.

Footnote 61: Capt. Caspar F. Goodrich of Newark. Goodrich was the Senior Officer Present at Manzanillo.

Footnote 62: Assistant Paymaster Richard Hatton.

Footnote 63: Commo. Francis M. Bunce.

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