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Documentary Histories
Spanish-American War

American Ships and Commanders

Abarenda, Lt. Cmdr. Marcus B. Buford (as of 6/7/1898).

Accomac, En. William S. Crosely, Boatswain J W. Angus (as of 5/6/1898).

Albany, Capt. Joseph E. Craig (as of 5/29/1900); formerly Almirante Abreu.

Albatross, Lt. Cmdr. Jefferson F. Moser; Lt. Cmdr. Clinton K. Curtis (as of 7/14/1898); Lt. Cmdr. Jefferson F. Moser (as of 8/1/1898).

Alexander, Cmdr. William T. Burwell (as of 6/19/1898).

Algonquin, Ens. William S. Crownley (as of 4/2/1898); tug; formerly El Toro; later renamed Accomac.

Alicia, see: Hornet.

Almy, see: Eagle.

Amazonas, see: New Orleans.

Almirante Abreu, see: Albany.

Amphitrite, Capt. James J. Barclay.

Annapolis, Cmdr. John J. Hunker (as of 7/20/1897).

Apache, Lt. Gustavus C. Hanus (as of 8/4/1898).

Armeria, Cmdr.  Leavitt C. Logan (as of 6/4/1898).

Atlanta, out of commission (1895-1900).

Badger, Cmdr. Albert S. Snow (as of 7/1/1898).

Baltimore, Capt. Nehemiah M. Dyer (as of 8/31/1897).

Bancroft, Cmdr. John V. Bleecker (as of 7/31/1896); Cmdr. Richardson Clover (as of 5/9/1898).

Barcelo, was a composite hulled, single screw steam launch.

Belgic, merchant vessel.

Bennington, Cmdr. Henry E. Nichols (as of 1/19/1897); Lt. Cmdr. Jefferson F. Moser (as of 7/14/1898); Cmdr. Edward D. Taussig (as of 8/1/1898).

Boston, Capt. Frank Wildes (as of 11/18/1895).

Brooklyn, Capt. Francis A. Cook (as of 12/1/1896).

Buccaneer, Lt. Harold K. Hines (as of 6/13/1898); Lt. Augustus N. Mayer (as of 6/23/1898).

Buffalo, Cmdr. J. N. Hamphill (as of 9/22/1898); formerly El Cid, then Nitcheroy; purchased from Brazil.

Brutus, Collier, formerly Peter Jebsen.

Caesar, Lt. Cmdr. Arthur B. Speyers (as of 6/7/1898); collier purchased from Great Britain; formerly Kingtor.

Calumet, Lt. William H. Cushing, Revenue Cutter Service.

Callao, Captured from the Spanish at Manila.

Castine, Cmdr. Robert M. Berry (as of 12/8/1896).

Celtic, Cmdr. Henry B. Mansfield (as of 6/18/1898).

Charleston, Out of commission 7/27/1896 to 5/5/1898; Capt. Henry C. Glass (as of 5/5/1898).

Chicago, out of commission (1895-1898).

Cincinnati, Capt. Mortimer L. Johnson (as of 8/1/1895); Capt. Colby M. Chester (as of 5/31/1897).

City of Pekin, Merchant transport.

City of Pueblo, Merchant Transport.

City of Sydney, Merchant transport.

Columbia, Capt. James H. Sands (as 9/10/1895).

Columbia, see: Wasp.

Concord, Cmdr. Asa Walker (as of 5/22/1897).

Corwin, Capt. William J. Herring, Revenue Cutter Service.

Cushing, Lt. John C. Fremont (as of 11/20/1895); Lt. Albert Gleaves (as of 4/21/1898).

Detroit, Cmdr. George C. Reiter (as of 8/17/1896); Cmdr. James H. Dayton (as of 7/10/1897).

Dixie,  Comdr. Charles H. Davis (as of 4/19/1898); auxiliary screw steamer, formerly El Rio.

Dolphin, Lt. Cmdr. Richardson Clover (as of 4/30/1896); out of commission 11/23/1897 to 3/24/1898; Cmdr. Henry W. Lyon (as of 4/21/1898).

Dorothea, Lt. Cmdr. William J. Barnette (as of 7/1/1898); Lt. Cmdr. N. T. Hudson (as of 8/9/1898).

Du Pont, Lt. Spencer S. Wood (as of 4/21/1898); torpedo boat.

Eagle, Lt. Cmdr. William H.H. Southerland (as of 4/4/1898); yacht, formerly Almy.

Elcano, Captured Spanish gunboat.

El Toro, see: Algonquin.

Edward Luckenbach, see: Tecumseh.

Ericsson, Lt. Nathaniel R. Usher (as of 2/18/1897).

Fern, Lt. Cmdr. Henry B. Mansfield (as of 1/11/1896); Lt. Cmdr. William S. Cowles (as of 4/5/1897); Lt. Cmdr. Herbert Winslow (as of 4/21/1898).

Fish Hawk, Lt. Cmdr. Francis H. Delano (as of 7/25/1898).

Foote, Lt. William L. Rodgers (as of 8/7/1897); torpedo boat.

Franklin, screw frigate.

Frolic, Cmdr. Edward H. Gheen (as of 7/21/1898).

Glacier, Cmdr. John P. Merrell (as of 7/22/1898).

Gloucester, Cmdr. Richard Wainwright (as of 6/2/1898).

Grant, Capt. Jefferson A. Slamm, Revenue Cutter Service.

Gresham, Revenue Cutter Service.

Guthrie, Lt. John W. Howison, Revenue Cutter Service.

Gwin, Lt. Clarence S. Williams (as of 7/8/1898).

Hamilton, Capt. Warrington D. Roath (as of 5/1/1898), Revenue Cutter Service.

Hannibal, Cmdr. Harrison G. O. Colby.

Harvard, Capt. Charles S. Cotton (as of 4/30/1898); formerly City of New York.

Hawk, Lt. John Hood (as of 5/3/1898); yacht, formerly Hermione.

Helena, Cmdr. William T. Swinburne (as of 7/7/1897).

Hermione, see: Hawk.

Hist, Lt. Lucien Young (as of 6/24/1898).

Hornet, Lt. James M. Helm (as of 4/12/1898); yacht, formerly Alicia.

Hudson, Lt. Frank H. Newcombe (as of 3/24/1898), Revenue Cutter Service.

Indiana, Capt. Robley D. Evans (as of 11/20/1895); Capt. Henry C. Taylor (as of 1/4/1897).

Indiana, Merchant transport.

Iowa, Capt. Robley D. Evans (as of 11/20/1895); Capt. William T. Sampson (as of 6/16/1897); Capt. Robly D. Evans (as of 3/26/1898); Capt. Silas W. Terry (as of 9/24/1898).

Justin, Cmdr. George E. Ide (as of 6/2/1898); Cmdr. Wells L. Field (as of 7/10/1898).

Katahdin, Cmdr. Richard P. Leary (as 2/12/1896); out of commission 4/17/1897 to 3/10/1898) Capt. George F.F. Wilde (as of 3/10/1898).

Lancaster, Cmdr. Thomas Perry (as of 5/31/1898).

Lebanon, Lt. Charles T. Forse (as of 5/26/1898); collier purchased from the Philadelphia & Reading RR. Co.

Leonidas, Cmdr. William I. Moore (as of 6/11/1898).

Leyden, Boatswain James W. Angus; En. William S. Crosley (as of 5/6/1898) screw steamer tug.

Machias, Cmdr. Morris R.S. Mackenzie (as of 9/22/1896); Cmdr. John F. Merry (as of 4/30/1897); Cmdr. William W. Mead (as of 6/27/1898).

Maine, Capt. Arent S. Crowninshield (as of 9/17/1895); Capt. Charles D. Sigsbee (as of 4/10/1897).

Mangrove, Lt. Cmdr. William H. Everett; Lt. Cmdr. Daniel D.V. Stuart (as of 6/7/1898); Light House Service vessel.

Manning, Capt. Fred M. Munger (as of 5/7/1898), Revenue Cutter Service.

Maple, Cmdr. Wainright Kellogg (as of 5/15/1898).

Marblehead, Cmdr. Theodore F. Jewell (as of 3/12/1896); Cmdr. Bowman H. McCalla (as of 9/11/1897).

Massachusetts, Capt. Frederick Roberts (as of 6/10/1896); Capt. Francis J. Higginson (as of 7/22/1897).

Marietta, Cmdr. Frederick M. Symonds (as of 9/1/1897).

Mayflower, Cmdr. Morris R. S. Mackenzie.

McCulloch, Capt. Daniel B. Hodgson, Revenue Cuter Service.

McKee, Lt. Chester M. Knepper (as of 7/25/1898).

McLane, 1st Lt. William E. Reynolds, Revenue Cutter Service (as of 7/25/1898).

Merrimac, Cmdr. James M. Miller (as of 5/5/1898); Assistant Engineer Richmond P. Hobson (as of 6/3/1898); Intentionally sunk on 6/3/1898 at Santiago de Cuba.

Miantonomoh, Capt. Mortimer L. Johnson (as of 3/10/1898); monitor.

Minneapolis, Capt. George H. Wadleigh (as of 12/13/1894); Capt. Theodore F. Jewell (as of 5/24/1898).

Mohican, Cmdr. George M. Book (as of 4/21/1898); steam sloop of war.

Monadnock, Capt. William H. Whiting (as of 4/21/1898).

Monocacy, Cmdr. Oscar W. Farenholt (as of 4/21/1898).

Monterey, Capt. Charles E. Clark (as of 9/30/1896); Lt. Cmdr. James W. Carlin (as of 3/22/1898); Cmdr. Eugene H.C. Leutze (as of 8/4/1898).

Montgomery, Cmdr. Royal B. Bradford (as of 7/1/1896); George A. Converse (as of 7/23/1897).

Morrill, Henry D. Smith; Revenue Cutter Service (as of 4/26/1898).

Morris, Lt. Charles E. Fox (as of 7/21/1898).

Nanshan, Capt. E. Stovell (British Maritime Marine Service); Lt. Ben W. Hodges (as of 4/21/1898).

Nashville, Cmdr. Washburn Maynard (as of 8/19/1897).

Nero, Cmdr. Charles Belknap (as of 8/16/1898); collier.

Newark, Capt. Colby M. Chester (as of 12/1/1896); out of commission 3/6/1897 to 5/23/1898; Capt. Caspar F. Goodrich (as of 8/8/1898).

New Orleans (Amazonas), Lt. Cmdr. Arthur P. Nazro (as of 3/16/1898); Capt. William M. Folger (as of 5/21/1898).

Newport, under construction.

New York, Capt. Winfield S. Schley (as of 10/5/1895); Capt. French E. Chadwick (as of 12/4/1897).

Niagara, Cmdr. George A. Bicknell (as of 5/3/1898); Lt. Cmdr. Ebenezer S. Prime (as of 5/30/1898).

Nitcheroy, see: Buffalo.

Ohio, Merchant transport.

Olympia, Capt. John J. Read (as of 2/5/1895); Capt. Charles V. Gridley (as of 7/28/1897); Capt. Benjmain P. Lamberton (5/25/1898).

Oneida, Lt. William G. Miller (as of 6/2/1898).

Oregon, Capt. Albert S. Barker (as of 3/20/1897); Capt. Charles E. Clark (as of 5/26/1898); Capt. Albert S. Barker (as of 8/6/1898).

Osceola, Lt. John L. Purcell (as of 4/27/1898); tug

P.H. Wise, see: Sioux.

Panther, Cmdr. George C. Reiter (as of 4/30/1898).

Peoria, Lt. Thomas W. Ryan (as of 4/30/1898).

Perry, Capt. William F. Kilgore, Revenue Cutter Service.

Petrel, Lt. Cmdr. Edward P. Wood (as of 12/16/1896).

Piscataqua, Lt. Cmdr. Natan E. Niles (as of 7/21/1898).

Philadelphia, Capt. Charles S. Cotton (as of 8/24/1894); out of commission 12/18/1897 to 7/9/1898; Capt. George H. Wadleigh (as of 7/9/1898).

Pompey, Cmdr. James M. Miller (as of 6/7/1898).

Porter, Lt. Charles Fremont (as of 2/20/1897); torpedo boat.

Potomac, Lt. George P. Blow (as of 4/14/1898); tug.

Prairie, Cmdr. Charles J. Train (as of 4/8/1898); auxiliary cruiser, formerly El Sol.

Princeton, Cmdr. Clifford H. West (as of 5/27/1897).

Puritan, Capt. Purnell F. Harrington (as of 4/21/1898); Capt. Frederick Rodgers (as of 6/18/1898); monitor.

Raleigh, Capt. Joseph B. Coghlan (as of 4/21/1898).

Resolute, Cmdr. Joseph G. Eaton.

Rush, Capt. William H. Roberts, Revenue Cutter Service.

St. Louis, Capt. Caspar F. Goodrich (as of 4/30/1898).

St. Paul, Capt. Charles D. Sigsbee (as of 5/5/1898).

Samoset, tug.

San Francisco, Capt. Edwin M. Shepard (as of 21 Nov. 1894); Capt. Richard P. Leary (as of 28 Sep. 1897).

Saturn, Cmdr. Samuel W. Very (as of 5/3/1898); Cmdr. George A. Bicknell (as of 6/4/1898).

Scindia, Cmdr. Eugene W. Watson (as of 6/10/1898).

Scorpion, Lt. Cmdr. Adolf Marix (as of 5/24/1898).

Sioux, Ens. Walter R. Gherardi (as of 5/1/1898); tug, formerly P.H. Wise, purchased by Navy 3/25/1898.

Siren, Lt. John M. Robinson (as of 7/25/1898).

Solace, Commissioned 4/14/1898; Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Dunlap (as of 4/14/1898).

Somers, Lt. John J. Knapp (as of 3/28/1898); torpedo boat.

Southery, Cmdr. Walter Goodwin (as of 7/1/1898).

Sterling, Cmdr. Robert E. Impey (as of 5/24/1898).

Stranger, Lt. George L. Dyer (as of 5/24/1898).

Supply, Lt. Cmdr. Royal R. Ingersoll (as of 5/26/1898).

Suwanee, Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Delehanty (as of 5/15/1898).

Sylvia, Lt. George H. Peters (as of 8/2/1898).

Talbot, Lt. William R. Shoemaker (as of 7/10/1898).

Tecumseh, Lt. George R. Evans (as of 4/6/1898); tug, formerly Edward Luckenbach.

Terror, Capt. Purnell F. Harrington (4/15/1896); Capt. Nicoll Ludlow (as of 4/21/1898).

Texas, Capt. Henry Glass (as of 7/20/1896); Capt. John W. Philip (as of 18 Oct. 1897).

Topeka, Cmdr. William S. Cowles (as of 7/6/1898).

Uncas, Lt. Frederick R. Brainard (as of 4/6/1898); tug, formerly Walter A. Luckenbach.

Vesuvius, out of commission 4/25/1895 to 1/12/1897; Lt. Cmdr. John E. Pillsbury (as of 1/12/1897).

Vicksburg, commissioned 10/23/1897), Comdr. Abraham B.H. Lillie (as of 10/23/1897).

Viking, Lt. Cmdr. John C. Wilson (as of 7/22/1898).

Vixen, commissioned 5/12/1898), Lt. Alexander Sharp Jr.

Vulcan, Lt. Cmdr. Uriah R. Harris (as of 7/1/1898).

Walter A. Luckenbach, tug, see: Uncas.

Wasp, Lt. Aaron Ward (as of 4/11/1898); armed yacht, formerly Columbia.

Wheeling, commissioned 8/10/1897; Cmdr. Uriel Sebree (as of 8/5/1896).

Wilmington, commissioned 5/13/1897; Cmdr. Chapman C. Todd (as of 5/10/1897).

Windom, Capt. S.E. Maguire (as of 5/5/1898), Revenue Cutter Service.

Winslow, Lt. John Bernadou (as of 12/29/1897); torpedo boat.

Winthrop, tug.

Woodbury, Capt. Henry B. Rogers (as of 5/8/1898), Revenue Cutter Service, formerly Mahoning.

Yale, Capt. William C. Wise (as of 5/2/1898); formerly SS Paris.

Yankee, Comdr. Willard H. Brownson (as of 4/6/1898); steam auxiliary cruiser, formerly El Norte.

Yankton, Lt. Cmdr. James D. Adams (as of 6/25/1898).

Yorktown, Gunboat (decommissioned 12/8/1897).

Yosemite, Capt. George E. Ide (as of 12/20/1898); steam auxiliary cruiser, formerly Clearwater, then Ingalls.

Zafiro, Lt. Walter McLean; supply ship.


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