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Documentary Histories
Spanish-American War

Eastern Squadron General Order No. 4

Flagship NEWARK,  

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,      

September 19th, 1898.


                   By direction of the Secretary of the Navy,1 the present Eastern Squadron, consisting of the Flagship NEWARK, CINCINNATI, NEW-ORLEANS, GLACIER, LEONIDAS, SCORPION, VULCAN, HIST, WASP, SANDOVAL, and ALVARADO, will be disbanded upon the hauling down of my broad pennant on board the Flagship NEWARK, on Tuesday, September 20th, 1898.

          Commanding Officers of these vessels will report by letter to Rear Admiral J. A. Howell,2 U. S. N., Commander-in-Chief of the North Atlantic Fleet, for assignment to the first Squadron of that fleet.

J. C. WATSON,     

Commodore, U. S. Navy, 

Commander-in-Chief, Eastern Squadron.

Source Note: CbCy, RG 313, Entry 66, p. 200.

Footnote 1: Secretary of the Navy John D. Long.

Footnote 2: RAdm. John A Howell, Commander, North Atlantic Fleet.

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