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Commodore George Dewey, Commander, Asiatic Station, to George Goodwin Dewey


Hong Kong 17h Apl/98

My dear Son:

          No war yet, tho’ today the news looks as if we were very near to the war, Well if it is to come, the sooner the better as far as this squadron is concerned, for every day gives the Spaniards more time to strengthen their position. The “Baltimore” and McCulloch will join us in three or four days and our squadron will be far superior to the Spanish and as I write you by last steamer, I think it will be short work for us.

     My health continues good not withstanding much hard work and a good deal of anxiety. The weather is very hot here and we are in white clothes most of the time. Billy Winder1 seems well and happy but I do not see much of him as we are on different ships.

     I send check for $250, for next quarters allowance, as it is uncertain when we can send letters after we leave here. Write as usual to Yokohamaand I will try to find some way of getting our mail. I still have a small balance ($120) at Riggs Bank after sending you the $250. With much love

          Your affectionate father George Dewey

Source Note: ALS, DN-HC, PGGD, Box 1. On “Flagship OLYMPIA” statioeary. Included with this document are a transcript and photocopy of the original envelope.

Footnote 1: Lt. William Winder of the protected cruiser Raleigh.

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