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United States Consul at San Juan Philip C. Hanna to Assistant Secretary of State John B. Moore

St. Thomas, June 6, 1898.

“Secretary Moore,


“If our Government intends to invade Porto

“ Rico, I consider it important not to underrate Spanish

strength. Fortifications San Juan strengthened since

last bombardment. Mines have been placed outside;

cannons along shore at all seaports. Her army consists

“Of five thousand regulars, seven thousand colonial;

beside these sixteen thousand volunteers are reported

likely to increase. We cannon now risk no less than

twenty-five thousand to take Island without hard


     “Hanna, Consul.

Source Note: Cy, DNA, AFNRC, M625, roll 231. Document is written on “DEPARTMENT OF STATE,/WASHINGTON.” stationary. This copy was forwarded by Secretary of State William R. Day to Secretary of the Navy John D. Long.

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