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Plate commemorating the commissioning of USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

Commemorative Plate Commissioning USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Obverse

Title: Plate, Commemorative, Commissioning USS Enterprise (CVAN-65/CVN-65)
Accession #: NHHC 1974-421-AI
Circa: 1960
Size: 11 x .075
Medium: Porcelain
Location: Headquarters Artifact Collection, Naval History and Heritage Command

One ceramic presentation plate commemorating the commissioning of USS Enterprise (CVN-65). The obverse shows a pictorial depiction of the the history of ships holding the name ENTERPRISE. The edge displays pictures of the previous ships. In the center is an image of the aircraft carrier CVAN-65 underway with cursive "USS Enterprise" below the ship. The plate printing color is brown. At the bottom of the plate is an eagle holding a federal shield in its talons with an unfouled anchor on both sides. The reverse has text telling the history of ENTERPRISE ships and reads:

USS Enterprise

The first, a sloop (1775-77) captured from British, fought at Lake Cham- / plain under Gen. B Arnold. Second (1777), an armed schooner, con- / voyed transports in Chesapeake Bay. Third (1799-1823), a 12-gun / schooner commanded by Decatur, Porter and Hull, served in war against / Barbary pirates and War of 1812. Fourth (1831-45), a 10-gun schooner / helped suppress African slave trade. Fifth (1877-1909), steam corvette / with added sailpower, served wih European Squadron until 1891 / when converted to training ship. Sixth (1917-19), built as a yacht, / was patrol vessel in World War I. Seventh (1938-56), famous / 827 ft carrier built at Newport News, took part in every / major carrier action in World War II. Eighth / ENTERPRISE (1960), built at Newport News, is / world’s first nuclear-powered carrier and 4-screw / atomic ship. Length—1100’; extreme width—252’; powered by 8 / reactors.

"Arleigh Burke" written in marker below the text.

This plate marks the creation of the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVAN-65/CVN-65). She was the eigth to bear the name Enterprise. Following the decommissioning in 2017, a ninth Enterprise was announced and is currently under construction.

Commemorative Plate Commissioning USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Reverse

Published: Tue May 12 09:18:13 EDT 2020