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  • World War I 1917-1918
  • Spanish-American War 1898
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Boat Flag from USS Olympia (C-6)

full view of Boat Flag from USS Olympia with 13 stars on a blue field and 13 stripes of red and white

Title: Boat Flag USS Olypmia (C-6)
Accession #: NHHC 1994-154-A
Circa: 1898
Size: 62 x 38
Medium: Cloth
Location: Headquarters Artifact Collection, Naval History and Heritage Command

One US Navy boat flag from USS Olympia (C-6). The boat flag is an abbreviated form of the National Ensign that is displayed on boats of the US Navy. This rectangular cloth flag contains thirteen white stars in the blue canton and thirteen alternating horizontal red and white stripes. The white canvas hoist has cloth ties used for mounting the flag to a flagstaff. There are several small insect holes in the flag.

Published: Tue Apr 14 12:18:54 EDT 2020