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Le Terible Submarine Hull Section Presented to CNO Greenert

Submarine Hull Section from French Submarine Le Terible Presented to CNO Greenert

Title: Submarine Hull Section from Le Terible
Accession #: NHHC 2015.054.013
Circa: 2014
Size: 6 x 8
Medium: Wood, Steel
Location: Headquarters Artifact Collection, Naval History and Heritage Command

One wood plaque with metal test section and engraved name plaque. Plaque has french language "Sous-marin Nuclaire d'attaque/Barracuda No 3/DCNS." The metal is matte gray. The plaque is stored in a blue felt case.

This plaque was presented with a book that documented the building of the French submarine Le Terible (S619) to Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert. The plaque has a small sample of metal. The text translates to "Nuclear Attack Submarine." Construction of the Barracuda-class of nuclear attack submarines for the French Navy began in 2007.

Published: Thu Apr 16 10:20:44 EDT 2020