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Naval History and Heritage Command

Memorial Plaque from the USS Enterprise (CV-6) Marshall Islands 

Bronze plaque marking those lost during the repelling of Japanese during World War II

Title: Memorial Plaque, USS Enterprise (CV-6), Marshall Islands Jan 31, 1942
Accession #: NHHC 1958-16-C
Circa: 1942
Size: 24.4 x 16.4
Medium: Bronze
Location: Headquarters Artifact Collection, Naval History and Heritage Command

One memorial plaque for the USS ENTERPRISE (CV-6) attack on the Marshall Islands and the sailors lost during the battle. The plaque is bronze and has naval aviator wings at the top followed by the inscription: USS ENTERPRISE / IN MEMORY / LOST IN ACTION 31 JANUARY 1942 / ATTACK ON MARSHALL ISLANDS // Below inscription is a list of the Navy personnel who died during the battle:

LT. COMDR. H.L. Hopping      USN            VS-6
ENS. C.T. FOGG                    USN            VS-6
ENS. E.R. DONNELL JR.         USNR           VS-6
ENS. DANIEL SEID                USNR           VS-6
ENS. J.J. DOHERTY               USNR           VB-6
ENS. D.W. CRISWELL            USNR           VF-6
H.R. THOMAS                       RM1c           VS-6
A.J. TRAVIS                         AMM2c          VS-6
D.F. GROGG                         AMM3c         VS-6
O.L. DENNIS                        RM3c            VS-6
W.E. Hunt                            AOM3c          VB-6
G.H. SMITH                          BM2c            3 DIV.

On 1 February 1942, USS Enterprise’s Task Force 8 and USS Yorktown’s Task Force 17 launched raids on the Marshall and Gilbert Islands in the Pacific, targeting Japanese Navy garrisons and airfields. While ultimately successful in damaging Japanese assets on the islands, the raids did not provide major long-term benefits. It did, however boost American morale as these raids were part of the first offensive actions by the US Navy following the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor almost two months prior. 

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