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Naval War College


Naval War College
Henry E. Eccles Library
686 Cushing Road
Newport, RI 02841

The Naval Historical Collection, the depository for the Naval War College archives, manuscript materials, and special collections, was established in 1969 as a division of the Naval War College Library. From the beginning, two types of documents were collected: the primary topic is the history of naval warfare as studied and taught at the College and the secondary theme is the history of the Navy in Narragansett Bay. The research material are divided into three components:

Archives which holds over 1200 feet of records documenting the administrative history and curriculum development since its founding in 1884. The archives contain forty-three record groups that house among others the administrative correspondence and memoranda, College publications, conference proceedings, lectures, faculty and staff presentations, war gaming materials, the Naval Command College and Naval Staff College administrative files, and a vast array of intelligence and technical source materials pertaining to technological developments in the Navy and to intelligence gathering by naval attaches during World War I.

Manuscripts containing 205 collections of corporate collections or personal papers of naval officer or civilians who have been associated with the College during their careers and have made major contributions to the evolution of naval warfare.

Oral Histories consisting of microfiche and bounded transcripts of interviews with flag rank officers conducted by the Columbia University Oral History Research Office and the U.S. Naval Institute Oral History Program. In 1975, the Naval War College developed their own oral history program to interview naval officers and civilians associated with the College. In 1993, a program to interview women in the WAVES, SPARS, and Marines was initiated.

Manuscript Holdings include:

Abromitis Jr., William
Papers, 1948-1975


2 boxes

Ahlgren, Charles
Papers, 1988-1992

1 box


Aldrich, Barbara T.
Papers, 1943-1945

Letters with other WAVES discuss their service during World War II

0.5 box


Anderson, Bern
Papers, 1919-1962

Rear Admiral Anderson served in the Navy from 1920 to 1960.

7 boxes


Collection, 1957-1960

0.5 box


Baruch, Jr., Bernard M.
Papers, 1919-1962

Correspondence sent and received during Captain Baruch's service in the Naval Reserves from 1937 to 1962, as well as the public papers of his father Bernard M. Baruch Sr.

11 boxes


Bates, Richard W.
Papers, 1932-1973

Correspondence relating to Rear Admiral Bates' career from 1932 to 1973, includes messages sent as Commander Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons, Pacific Fleet, Naval War College internal memoranda, etc. concerning educational philosophy, curriculum and the World War II Battle Evaluation Group project.

19 boxes


Belknap, Reginald R.
Papers, 1830-1937

Includes correspondence from career of Rear Admiral Reginald Belknap, from his wife, Julia Averill Belknap, as well as his published articles. Also includes family correspondence from Rear Admiral George E. Belknap (1866-1903) and his wife Francis G. Prescott Belknap.

19 boxes


Billingsley, Edward B.
Papers, 1927-1967

4 boxes


Breed, Cyrus W.
Papers, 1865-1874

Letter to parents from the Naval Academy in 1865, diary kept while on board USS Nantasket, 1869.

0.5 boxes


Brennan, Joseph G.
Papers, 1924-1995

Correspondence and lectures of a professor at the Naval War College, includes speeches and letters of Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale, 1993-1998.

20 boxes

Brown, Thomas
Papers, 1946-1961

Subject files include reports on the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey and writings on the Navy Defense Supply Agency.

2 boxes


Brummel, Herbert L.
Papers, 1944-1984

Correspondence includes personal letters sent to family of Command Brummel, letters regarding USS Indianapolis (CA-35), commissioning of USS Indianapolis (SSN-697) and directives, journals, and notebooks fromIndianapolis, 1944-45.

1 box


Buell, Thomas B.
Papers, 1906-1980

Commander Thomas Buell collected research source material on careers of Admirals Ernest J. King and Raymond A. Spruance.

40 boxes


Bunn, George
Papers, 1980-1986

Correspondence and lectures of professor discuss nuclear weapons, military strategy, international law, arms control negotiations, 1984-1986. Writings discuss nuclear terrorism and arms control, 1984-86. Also files on Naval War College Stockton Chair and international law topics.

5 boxes


Burgess, W. Starling
Papers, 1938-1948

Papers include blueprints and calculations for devices to counter the Acoustic Torpedo developed for the Anti-Submarine Development Center, Quonset Point, Naval Air Station, Rhode Island. Also memorandum and reports regarding inventions and devices, 1938-1948.

33 boxes


Burke, Arleigh
Papers, 1958-1965

Correspondence between Admiral Burke and Robert R. Gros, Vice President, Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

1 folder

Burke, Thomas N
Papers, 1920-1960

Includes photographs of U.S. Navy; Coast Guard, foreign and merchant ships; histories of U.S. Navy ships; books on ships and the sea.

14 boxes


Caperton, William B.
Papers, 1875-1951

Letters and certificates relating to naval career of Admiral Caperton.

0.5 box and 1 folio


Carlson, Daniel
Papers, 1942-1991

Official correspondence and biographical information from career of Rear Admiral Carlson, include the war diary and action report from USS Paul Hamilton.

1 box


Chadwick, French E.
Papers, 1898-1911

Photocopies of correspondence and papers, including muster rolls, used for French Ensor Chadwick, Letters and Papers, published in 1981.

6 items


Chase, Robert
Papers, 1937-1945

Correspondence from family and friends detail events on home front, politics, news of friends, wedding plans, death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, while his letters describe shipboard life on board USS Kidd.

2 boxes


Christenson, Gordon A.
Papers, 1977-1979

Speeches by Professor Christenson on Law of Sea, International Law, and Use of Force in Peacetime.

0.5 box


Clark, Leroy
Papers, 1943-1945

Patrol Boat scrapbook of prints of photographs, Imprint, "Elco PTs in Action"; The Skeeter,1945 newspaper from Motor Torpedo Boat Training Facility, Melville, Rhode Island.

1 box


Clarke, Walter S.
Papers, 1987-1989

State Department Advisor to President, Naval War College, 1987-1989.

1 box


Colbert, Richard G.
Papers, 1932-1973

Paper of Admiral Colbert include personal correspondence with his father Charles F. Colbert and foreign officer correspondence 1957-1971, and subject files on ship command, Naval War College presidency and position as Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe.

26 boxes


Coll, Alberto
Papers, 1989-1990

Correspondence, academic subject files including electives course material for Charles H. Stockton Chair on International Law.

1 box


Cook, Charles O.
Papers, 1942-1967

Correspondence of Captain Cook includes letters sent and received from naval officers who took part in Battle of Cape Esperance, 1942

1 box


Cook, Henry T.
Papers, 1862-1863

Letters written by Midshipman Henry Trevor Cook to his mother from the Naval Academy at Newport, Rhode Island.

10 items


Cooling, Benjamin F.
Papers, 18867-1915

Benjamin F. Cooling was a collector of research source materials for book entitled B. F. Tracy, Father of the American Fighting Navy, on Secretary of the Navy Benjamin F. Tracy. Includes microfilms of Tracy's papers

17 boxes and 30 microfilm reels


Crowl, Philip
Papers, 1967-1969

Professor of History at University of Nebraska

2 boxes


Davis, Nathaniel
Papers, 1976-1983

Correspondence, speeches, and files while he was State Department Advisor to President of Naval War College.

3 boxes


Davis, Vincent
Papers, 1960

Correspondence of Professor Davis with Admiral Raymond Spruance 1960, and taped interviews with Admiral John T. Hayward 1961 and Admiral Arleigh Burke 1962-63 regarding history of Polaris submarine.

2 box


Dayton, John H.
Papers, 1923-1930

Scrapbooks of memorabilia relating to cruise in Caribbean and Central America, 1923-1924, and cruise in Mediterranean and European waters, 1929.

1 box


Delaney, Edward F.
Papers, 1883-1932

Correspondence covering his career in Supply Corps 1883-1932 and photograph album and newspaper clippings, 1884-1932

1 box


Denver, James
Papers, 1942-1955

Newspaper clippings, 1942-1955; photographs relating to PT Squadron 42; "Elco PRs in Action"

1 box


DeSaussure, Hamilton
Papers, 1979-1980

Correspondence and speeches of Professor DeSaussure

3 boxes


Dockray, William P.
Papers, 1861-1898

Correspondence, loyalty oath, prize reports, naval orders for Acting Master, USN serving 1861-1863 and the East Gulf Blockading Squadron, and request for increase in disability pension, 1888-1889

2 folders

Douglas, Archibald
Papers, 1939-1944

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and photographs relating to Captain Douglas's duty on board USS Saratoga

3 boxes


Dunn, Herbert O.
Papers, 1873-1900

Letterbooks of unofficial letters regarding the design and patents for Dunn anchor, and photograph album

3 volumes


Durgin, Edward R.
Papers, 1937-1943

Official correspondence of Rear Admiral Durgin relating to Battle of the Atlantic, messages received, night order book; Reports on sinking of USS Reuben James; and Naval Attache's memoranda book, Germany, 1937-1940.

1 box


Easterbrook, John F.
Papers, 1902-1957

Official papers relating to career in U.S. Naval Reserve Fleet, 1916-1923; correspondence relating to his employment as an electrical engineer with Westington House Corporation, 1902-1917; drawings of Mark VI Mine, 1923.

1 box


Eccles, Henry E.
Papers, 1898-1986

Correspondence of Rear Admiral Eccles regarding Advance Base Operations, naval matters, 1916-1986; Speeches on naval logistics and strategy, 1943-1983; Subject Files on Asiatic Fleet, CINCNELM, CINCSOUTH, Industrial College of the Americas, Star Wars, 1941-1986;

112 boxes


Edwards, USS
Records, 1942

Photograph album and newspaper clippings of the ship's launching, July 19, 1942; Letter to Mrs. Edward Brayton, widow of Lieutenant Commander Walter A. Edwards for whom the ship was named.

6 items


Emmons, George F.
Papers, 1828-1868

Two copies of Rear Admiral Emmons's The Navy of the United States, 1778-1853; Journal of cruise in USS Ossippee transporting commissioners to Sitka, Alaska; Journal of cruise on board USS Ohio and USS Warren off coast of Mexico and California, 1847-1849; Copybook of letters sent and received, 1828-1849.

1 box


Fahy, Edward J.
Papers, 1918-1990

Papers of Rear Admiral Fahy include correspondence and memoranda, 1936-1972; Naval Orders, 1933-1958; Speeches, 1946-1967; Published reports, 1918-1971

6 boxes


Fletcher, Frank J.
Papers, 1930-1946

Papers of Admiral Fletcher include photocopies of official and unofficial correspondence, memoranda, and telegrams sent to and received by Admiral Fletcher and his wife, 1930-1946; War communiques on the Battle of Coral Sea, 1942.

2 boxes


Gamble, Philip L.
Papers, 1968-1974

Correspondence, imprints, photographs, lectures, etc. pertaining to his career as Professor of Economics at the Naval War College.

1 box


German Federal Navy
Photographs, 1950-1970 

Photographs of ships of the German Federal Navy,

1 box


Gimber, Stephen H.
Papers, 1935-1992

Papers of Captain Gimber include biographical information, the Manitowoc Shipyard newspaper, map of war patrol of USS Rasher; and miscellaneous correspondence, 1935-1992

0.5 box


Green, Joseph F.
Papers, 1872-1873

Official correspondence of Read Admiral Green includes letters sent to Captain J. Blackely Creighton, commanding officer of USS Worchester, regarding court martials, discharges, transfer of personnel, prisoners, orders and reports, 1972-1873.

0.5 box


Grubaugh, Evelyn M.
Papers, 1944-1946

Memoir of her naval service in the WAVES, newspaper clippings, ration card; imprints, including Havelock, November-December 1945; WAVES songbook and jokebook; photographs,

4 folders


Grunawalt, Richard J.
Papers, 1986-1989

Correspondence of Captain Grunawalt; writings; lectures and speeches, Ocean law and Policy Research Department Materials, 1988.

4 boxes


Gunn, Frederick A.
Papers, 1934-1995

Correspondence of Rear Admiral Gunn, 1961-1995; Naval career photographs; Imprint of history of USS Scabbardfish (SS-397); cassette tapes of memorial service and burial at sea and written tribute, 1994.

2 boxes


Hartmann, Frederick H.
Papers, 1975-1986

Academic and administrative files of Professor Hartmann include lectures, reports and syllabi regarding Naval War College programs pertaining to military education topics, President's files, College curriculum and professional conferences and associations, 1975-1986.

15 boxes


Hartnett, Vincent W.
Papers, 1942-1945

Correspondence, 1945; They Call It Pacific by Clark Lee, 1943; Photographs, Map of Guadalcanal.

1 box and 1 folio


Hattendorf, John B.
Papers, 1862-1993

Publications of Rear Admiral Stephen B. Luce, USN, 1827-1917 collected and compiled for The Writings of Stephen B. Luce, (1974) Monograph No. 1 of the Naval War College Historical Monograph Series; Research source materials, notes and copies of documents used in writing The Evolution of the Maritime Strategy, 1977-1989. Copies of published writings.

19 boxes


Hawthorne, Mary E.
Papers, 1944-1986

Papers of Commander Hawthorne, USNR include subject files on WAVES, newsletters, 1944-1945; Photograph album and scrapbook, 1944-1970; Citations, imprints, pamphlets, and newspapers, 1944-1986.

2 boxes


Hay, Richard R.
Papers, 1941-1998

Papers of Captain Hay include reminiscences of World War II by Hay, Commander Richard E. Bennink, and Robert Owen on the war records of USS Marblehead (CL-12); General MacArthur's departure from the Philippines, The Battle of Leyte Gulf

1 folder


Hayward, John T.
Papers, 1936-1994

Papers of Vice Admiral Hayward include correspondence, 1936-1994; Speeches, 1940-1993; Published writings; Unpublished writings, journal entries, poems, articles, and aviation logs; Military papers; Newspapers, Career photographs

69 boxes


Heneberger, Harry B.
Papers, 1942-1960

Papers of Captain Heneberger include Subject files on sinking of USS Quincy (CA-39) on August 9, 1942 at Battle of Savo Island; correspondence, 1942, 1960; Naval War College thesis, 1948; Photographs of International Air Races, 1923 and surrender of Japanese at Tokyo Bay, September 2, 1945; Newspaper clippings on sinking of Quincy and Japanese surrender.

1 box


Hewitt, Henry K.
Papers, 1903-1957

Correspondence relating to personal and official life of Admiral Henry Hewitt, USN, includes autographed leather-bound volume of Franklin D. Roosevelt's speeches, 1936; Lucky Bag, 1907; Midshipman's notebook, memoirs of his naval career; Photographs of family and career include photographs of Operation Torch, 1942.

8 boxes


Hill, Lloyd F.
Papers, 1918

Correspondence sent to friend, Wesley Smith by Hill serving in the U.S. Navy and Arthur C. Abrams, serving in the U.S. Naval Reserves, March 13-June 22, 1918 regarding training at Camp Upton, NY, at Philadelphia Naval Yard and assignment to USS Ossippee, 1918.

4 items


Hitchcock Family
Papers, 1897-1899

Letters sent by Ethan Allen Hitchcock, U.S. Ambassador to the Imperial Russian Court and by his family members from St. Petersburg

2 boxes


Honan, William H.
Collection, 1910-1992

Research source material used in writing biography of Hector C. Bywater, Visions of Infamy. It includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, reports, drafts, articles, attache reports, maps, monographs, and translations covering inter-war U.S. and Japanese navies, The British Secret Service and the 1934 London Naval Conference.

24 boxes


Howe, Walter B.
Papers, 1853-1946

Includes Correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings and press releases retarding the observance of Navy Day and the Navy League, 1922-1941; Subjects files of the Roberts Pearl Harbor Commission, 1941-1942 includes reports, correspondence and first hard accounts of observers of the attack on Pearl Harbor; Subject Files on Inter-American Escadrille, 1940-1941; Folio maps of China and Japan from Admiral Matthew Perry's cruise, 1853-1854; Speeches on naval topics, 1926-1931; Subject files on Washington Conference, 1922, naval parity and the British-Franco-Italian Naval Agreement, 1931.

6 boxes


Howland, Daniel
Collection, 1902

Letter from Commanding Officer, USTB Biddle regarding collision with yacht Moose; Report to investing board on incident.

5 items


Hudson, Manley O.
Papers, 1923-1954

Correspondence and writings of Professor Hudson; Studies of international law at the Naval War College

13 boxes


Hull, Harry
Papers, 1965-1967

Papers of Rear Admiral Hull include briefing books, notebooks regarding visits to Vietnam, Guam, Thailand and Japan; Photographs of visit to USS Proteus (AS-19), 1965; Folio maps and charts of Vietnam, 1965-1967.

1 box and folio items


Hurlburt, Jay S.
Papers, 1982-1987

Correspondence and memoranda of Captain Hurlburt, USN, on Naval War Gaming, Strawman War Gaming Course and Strategic Studies Groups, 1982-1987.

2 boxes


Innes, Walter D.
Papers, 1938-1991

Papers of Rear Admiral Innis, USN, includes: Technical reports and papers on logistics and aeronautical matters, undated-1974; Correspondence, letters sent and received, 1938-1991; Naval War College thesis, 1947, Photograph album of his naval career.

5 boxes


Irving, Ronald K.
Papers, 1931-1965

Papers of Captain Irving, USN, include biographical information and subject files on his career: Commanding Officer of Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 23, 1943-1944; Commanding Officer of USS Stormes, 1947-1949; Commanding Officer USS Wyandot, 1958-1959; Operation Deep Freeze IV;

2 boxes


Jackson, David H.
Papers, 1943-1994

Papers of Rear Admiral Jackson, USN, include biographical materials; official naval correspondence, 1947-1974; personal letters sent and received, 1970-1993; Sermons, 1970-1993; career photographs and photograph albums, 1943-1994.

10 boxes


Kalber, William L.
Papers, 1929-1990

Papers of Rear Admiral Kabler, USN, includes his official correspondence, 1949-1955; personal correspondence, 1961-1990; service record; subject files on USS HeronKearsage, and Rendova, 1941-1953; Citations and Naval War College items, 1929-1990.

4 boxes


Kalbfus, Edward C.
Papers, 1905-1954

Papers of Admiral Kalbfus, USN, contain his official and personal correspondence, 1942-1954; writings entitled "The Development of the Naval Command Structure, 1898-1945," career photographs, newspaper clipping regarding his career and USS Iowa (SS-61), 1942-1947.

2 boxes and 1 folio


Killham, Edward
Papers, 1983-1985

Correspondence, subject files and writing as State Department Advisor to President of the Naval War College

2 boxes


King, Rufus
Papers, 1890-1975

Letter from President Theodore Roosevelt, 1911; Photographs of King, ships and submarines of U.S. 1890-1975

1 box


Knoll, Denys
Papers, 1936-1988

Papers of Rear Admiral Knoll, USN include biographical data; correspondence and memoranda regarding organization of the Defense Department, 1946-1961; Published and unpublished writings 1936-1980; Speeches, 1960-1988; Intelligence Report on Sixteenth Naval District and "Stalin's Answers to Werth" prepared for the Military Staff Committee, 1946' and Arms of the Soviet Union, 1948; Report on Philippine Camapaign, 1940-1942; Intelligence Report on Sixteenth Naval District, 1942; Radio Broadcast, 1942; Photographs; Miscellaneous writings and newspaper clippings.

1 box


Kurth, Ronald
Papers, 1987-1990

Papers of Rear Admiral Kurth, USN, include correspondence, and subject files on Joint Professional Military Education, Naval War College Review, Naval War College graduation, promotions, daily schedule, etc. during his Naval War College presidency, 1987-1990.

13 boxes

Lang, Kenneth
Papers, 1944-1945

Correspondence sent to parents and friend by sailor who sounded reveille at Great Lakes Naval Training Station, IL describing naval training at Great Lakes Naval Training Station, IL and at Treasure Island, CA, 1944-1945. Bugle Corps, daily life.

1 folder


Laning, Caleb
Papers, 1942-1948

Papers of Rear Admiral Laning include correspondence, pamphlets, diagrams and subject files regarding the establishment of Combat Information Centers in destroyers during World War II and correspondence regarding publication of an article, 1942-1948.

1 box

Laning, Harris
Papers, 1890-1941

Papers of Admiral Laning, USN contain correspondence; speeches, 1890-1937; Journal of USS Modnadnock, 1898; drafts of his autobiography, "An Admiral's Yarn", photographs, newspaper clippings, 1897-1939 treating his naval career.

6 boxes and 1 folio


Layton, Edwin T.
Papers, 1924-1984

Papers of Rear Admiral Layton, USN, contain correspondence regarding his Naval Institute oral history and Naval War College Chair of Intelligence, 1970-1975; Miscellany, including yearbook, Japanese texts, maps and charts, U.S. Navy commissions, and photographs, 1924-1984; source materials used by him in writing And I Was There, including published volumes of Japanese War Series, Senshi Sosho, 1967-1975, Pacific Mobile Radio Intelligence Unit Reports, q942-1945, Books, Japanese monographs, military intelligence pamphlets, magazines, oral histories and maps; unpublished materials include SRH histories, 1942-1947, Japanese Naval Radio Intelligence Summaries, 1942-1945; Translations of Japanese Naval Messages, 1941-1942; Translations of Japanese War History, 1942-1944; photographs, Pacific Mobile Radio Intelligence Unit Reports, 1942-1945

52 boxes and folio items


Leith, Fred
Papers, 1905-1919

Letters sent to his family during active duty of Chief Petty Officer in U.S. Navy, 1905-1908; and as Lieutenant in Army in France and Germany during World War I, 1917-1919; Letters describe service on board USS Ranger, USS Elcano and USS Galveston in the Pacific

1 box


Little, William M.
Papers, 1880-1939

Personal correspondence of Captain Little, USN; subject files relate to career reinstatement, Colombian Historical Exposition, Rhode Island Naval Battalion, Naval War College, 1892-1914, Published and unpublished writing and naval War College lectures on naval war gaming, 1895-1913; Translations of articles, 1902-1913; Letterpress books, 1891-1895, relating chiefly to the Colombian Historical Exposition; Photograph album; Personnel correspondence of Major General Louis McCarty Little, (son), 1936-1939; Correspondence course materials of Rear Admiral Julian Boit, (grandson), 1920-1921

4 boxes


Loeser, Harrison
Papers, 1967-1971

Memoranda, sketches, drawings, research papers, and photographs of model of a "Free World Frigate" designed by Loeser and intended for use as an escort vessel by allied navies, 1967-1971.

1 box


Luce, Stephen B.
Papers, 1876-1919

Correspondence of Rear Admiral Luce, USN

0.5 box


Magruder, C. W.
Papers, 1918-1947

Papers of Commodore Magruder include correspondence, newspaper accounts of the sinking of USS Ticonderoga, 1918-1947; War diaries of USS Preston, 1917 and USS Lansdale, 1918-1919.

1 box


Maguire, Doris
Collection, 1887-1915

A collection of research source material on Rear Admiral French E. Chadwick for published work, French Ensor Chadwick, Letter and papers, 1981.

4 boxes


Maguire, Mary V.
Papers, 1943-1983

Official Navy memoranda regarding WAVES service in World War II, 1943 -1954; Subject files on Eastern Sea Frontier WAVES Reunion, New York City, 1982 organized by her; Photographs of WAVES, 1943-1945 and WAVES reunion, 1982-1983, Miscellany.

0.5 box


Mahan, Alfred T.
Papers, 1868-1914

Letters to members of his family by Rear Admiral Mahan, 1884-1896. Letters to Sir John K. Laughton, 1893-1914, Journal kept on board USS Iroquois, Asiatic Squadron, 1868-1869; Research notes, Indexes to diary and scrapbook of materials relating to Spanish American War kept by Berkeley C. Quill, 1868-1914;

7 boxes

Mahan, Alfred T.
Papers, 1789-1967

Papers of Rear Admiral Mahan, USN contain research source materials collected for publication, Letters and Papers of Alfred Thayer Mahan; Copies of unpublished Mahan letters, 1864-1914; Copies of letters from Mahan children; Diary kept on board USS Iroquois and USS Aroostock, 1868-1869, Copy of diary of Charles O'Neill in USS Wasp, 1874-1875; copies of court martial proceeding in which Mahan participated, 1868-1895; copy of scrapbook kept by British publishers, 1894; copies of footnotes and reels of microfilm, 1789-1967.

20 boxes


Maine, USS
Papers, 1898-1912

Photographs of the raising of USS Maine; Diary of J. Reese Brown, 1910-1911, who was a member of the engineering crew

1 box

Marchand, John B.
Papers, 1834-1874

Papers of Captain Marchand, USN include journals of cruises to Mediterranean, South America, Far East, and along the east and west coasts of the United States, 1834-1860; Journals of cruises in South Atlantic Blockading Squadron and Gulf Coast Blockading Squadron, 1861-1864; copies of official letters sent, 1841-1874, Navy signal books, 1840-1860.

4 boxes


Matthews, Wade H. B.
Papers, 1985-1987

Correspondence; Curriculum vita; electives course materials, Intelligence research reports, performance evaluations as State Department Advisor to the President of the Naval War College.

1 box


McCarthy, Stephen
Papers, 1889-1921

U.S. Navy commissions and appointments as Boatswain, Chief Boatswain, and Lieutenant

6 items


McCauley, Charles S.
Papers, 1821-1867

Papers of Commodore McCauley contain letter book of official correspondence, 1850-1859 of squadron commander; journal of Commander Home Squadron, April 6- June 18, 1855; Letters received regarding his naval career discuss conditions in Chile when he was Commanding Officer, Pacific Squadron.

2 boxes


McCrea, Victor
Papers, 1932-1990

Official correspondence of Rear Admiral McCrea, USN, 1955-1982; Writings; Newspaper clippings, Photographs

3 boxes


McIlroy, Doris S.
Papers, 1943-1990

Official correspondence regarding WAVES service, notice of separation and discharge certificate, 1945-1946; Photographs of WAVES at U.S. Naval Training Station, Cedar Falls, Iowa, New York City and Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1943-1945; Training Bulletin from U.S. Naval Training Station, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Pamphlets and brochures from WAVES National Conventions, 1958-1992, Newspaper Clippings of WAVES, 1943-1990.

1 box


McNeill, John H.
Papers, 1990-1991

Correspondence, published articles, speeches, course materials of Professor McNeill for Naval War College and Georgetown University Law Center

1 box


McNulty, James F.
Papers, 1950-1977

Papers of Captain McNulty, USN, include correspondence, 1959-1976; speeches written for Vice Admiral Richard G. Colbert, 1969-1972, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, 1970-1974; writings on U.S. and Soviet Sea Power, U.S. Naval presence, 1970 International Sea Power Symposium, Naval War College missions and objectives, mooring and towing procedures, Sea Grant Colleges, 1962-1975; Notebooks; Photographs

10 boxes


Melville Community Association
Records, 1965-1974

Srapbooks containing newspaper clippings, notices and photographs of Melville Community Center activities, 1965-1973; Minutes of meetings, 1971-1974

7 volumes


Miles, Wilma S.
Papers, 1922-1971

The collection includes correspondence and reports of her husband, Vice Admiral Milton E. Miles, 1922-1939; Autobiography, 1971; Tapes of interviews with her husband for film on Sino-American Cooperative Organization (SACO), 1943-1945; three films on SACO.

10 boxes 


Militargeographische Intelligence Studies
Collection, 1940

Folio maps and texts of maps, pictures and descriptions of places in England and Ireland in preparation for the proposed German invasion of Great Britain planned for 1940.

3 boxes


Miller, August C.
Papers, 1956-1982

Correspondence, 1958-1982, Notes and briefs, 1957-1971; Lectures, speeches, and addresses, updated-1972; Articles, educational materials; lecture transparencies, 1956-1982 used by Professor Miller.

5 boxes


Miller, Edwin S.
Papers, 1933-1968

Papers of Rear Admiral Miller contain biographical information; Official correspondence, 1932-1968 discuss his Navy career and include information on Sino-Japanese War, World War II in the Pacific, Occupation of Japan, Atomic bombing testing in the Pacific and the Vietnam War, as well as Sixth Fleet, 1958-1963.

4 boxes


Minkler, Chester T.
Papers, 1912-1952

Chester T. Minkler was an ordnance engineer at the Naval Torpedo Station at Newport, Rhode Island. Materials relating to his torpedo, mine, and depth charge experimentation and inventions at the Naval Torpedo Station, Newport, Rhode Island, 1917-1952.

1 box


Miscellaneous Manuscripts
Collection, 1783-1995

The collection includes letters, journals, diaries, scrapbooks, certificates, and diplomas of naval officers and enlisted rates from the 19th and 20th centuries.

459 items 


Monsarrat, John
Papers, 1942-1954

Includes materials regarding his reserve duty from 1942-1954: Extracts from action reports from USS Langley; Miscellany

1 box


Moore, Charles J.
Papers, 1944-1963

Rear Admiral Moore's correspondence with Admiral Raymond Spruance, USN, 1944-1963.

0.5 box and 5 volumes


Moran, Henry G.
Papers, 1923-1988

Papers of Rear Admiral Moran include biographical data; naval career documents, fitness reports, 1923-1958; official correspondence, 1949-1950; personal correspondence, 1939-1982; writings, 1945; Photographs; newspaper clippings, 1923-1988.

2 boxes


Morris, Francis
Papers, 1864-1881

Papers of Commander Morris include order book; Abstract log containing wind, weather, and climatic data; Morning order book from USS Ossipee, 1871-1881; Photographs; imprints, pamphlets

2 boxes


Mullin, William L.
Papers, 1943-1949

Correspondence of Lieutenant Mullin, USNR, Intelligence reports, 1944-1945; Books,; Photographs of U.S. and British ships; Charts and Maps of Southeast Asia; Card file of foreign ships, 1943-1949.

7 boxes, 4 volumes, and 2 card file boxes


Murphy, John F.
Papers, 1971-1981

Correspondence, 1979-1981; Speeches, 1980-1981; Curriculum, 1980-1981 during his tenure as Charles H. Stockton Professor of International Law at the Naval War College

2 boxes


Murphy, Timothy F.
Papers, 1864-1865

Includes letters describing his Civil War service in the U.S. Army and U.S, Navy, February 21, 1864-May 17, 1865. He participated in the Battle of Mobile Bay and served in the Blockading Squadron off Georgia coast.

1 box


Musicant, Ivan
Papers, 1984-1985

Research materials used in writing Battleship at War; history of USS Washington (BB-56). Materials include correspondence with officers and men who served on board Washington

1 box


Naval Torpedo Station, Newport, Rhode Island
Papers, 1915. 1937-1939

Photographs,1915; Training manuals, 1937-1939

1 box

Nelson, Valentine S.
Papers, 1877-1910

Naval orders covering the career of Commodore Nelson from 1877-1910

1 box


O'Connor, Raymond G.
Papers, 1967-1994

Papers of Professor O'Connor include: Correspondence with Rear Admiral Edwin T. Layton, 1974-1984, Prospectus and copy of Whitehat/Bluejacket: An American Sailor in Peace and War, an account of O'Connor's career in the U.S. Navy; typescripts of "Origins of the American Navy: Sea Power in the Colonies and New Nation;" Book, Powers of the President in Foreign Affairs, 1945-1965; Notes for college courses taught at the Naval War College, 1975-1994

40 boxes


O'Kane, Richard H.
Papers, 1931-1993

Papers of Rear Admiral O'Kane include biographical information; Correspondence received regarding his books, Clear the Bridge! and Wahoo; Diary of his Midshipmen cruise, 1931; Subject files on USS Tang andWahoo; patents for inventions, 1964-1970; Miscellany, 1949-1993.

5 boxes


Oberhard, Gustave
Papers, 1919-1990

Correspondence regarding purveying and provision of U.S. Navy ships and other naval matters, 1919-1978; Correspondence received from Captain G. J. Rowcliff and Rear Admiral C. E. Weakley, 1933-1975; Recollection of cruise on board USS Yosemite, 1958; Miscellany connected with his connection with naval activities in Newport, Rhode Island, 1945-1990.

5 boxes


Oral History
Collection, 1910-1995

The Oral History Collection includes reminiscences of naval officers and WAVES by Columbia University, the U.S. Naval Institute, and the Naval War College.

260 items


Parks, W. Hays
Papers, 1984-1985

Correspondence, subject files and writings of Professor Parks, who was the Charles H. Stockton Chairholder in International Law at the Naval War College.

1 box


Pemstein, Bernard L.
Papers, 1943

Correspondence sent from U.S. Naval Training Station, Newport, Rhode Island, July 1943-August 1943 and from the U.S. Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, Virginia, September 1943.

0.5 box


Perry, Alexander J.
Papers, 1793-1933

Correspondence sent to Perry and family members 1793-1913

2 boxes


Peter Tare, Inc.
Papers, 1943-1983

Correspondence, 1946-1996; Newsletters, 1948-1995; Rosters and directories, 1947-1994; Photographs of PT Reunions, 1972-1974; Records of PT Boats, Inc, Memphis, Tennessee; 1968-1972

7 boxes


Peterson, George E.
Papers, 1943-1989

Papers of Rear Admiral Peterson include correspondence, 1950, 1954-1956; citations and commendations, 1943-1989; North Pole Expedition materials, 1950-1951; photographs

0.5 box


Pickering, Charles F.
Papers, 1934-1945

Letters of a Navy enlisted man to his parents during World War II from Norfolk, Virginia and from the USS Refuge, (AH-11) in Europe and in the South Pacific

0.5 box


Pouliot, Gabrielle C.
Papers, 1944-1968

Imprints include "A Short History of the U.S. Naval Training School (WR), Bronx, NY" and "Our Days at U.S. Naval Training School, Bronx, NY"; Photographs; Miscellany, including WAVES songbook and prayer

0.5 box


Pratt, William V.
Papers, 1903-1963

Papers of Admiral Pratt include correspondence from 1903-1957; official Navy orders, reports and memoranda, 1915-1941; unpublished writings and speeches, 1920-1957; Correspondence of Mrs. Pratt, 1922-1963; Washington Naval Conference, 1920-1921; Proceedings of the Senate Investigative Committee on the Navy Department, 1920; Studies and reports on international disarmament and the China question, 1920-1931

23 boxes


Quonset Point-Davisville Naval Officers Wives Club
Records, 1962-1972

Newspaper clippings, photographs, and memorabilia of the club's activities at Quonset Point, Naval Air Station, Construction Battalion Center, Davisville, Rhode Island

4 volumes


Robertson, Horace B.
Papers, 1991-1992

Personal files and correspondence of Professor Robertson at the Naval War College. Includes writings on international law, foreign relations, Persian Gulf War and Just War.

2 boxes


Rodgers Jr., James L.
Papers, 1942-1945

His letters from Navy Pre-Flight School, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 1942-1943; Letters from Camp Endicott, Davisville, Rhode Island regarding Anti-Aircraft School, Newport, Rhode Island.

1 folder


Roenigk, John
Papers, 1930-1977

Papers of Captain Roenigk, USN, contain his naval orders, memoranda, correspondence, photographs, 1930-1977 and include his attendance at the Naval War College, 1948-1951 and 1955-1956; Scrapbooks and photograph albums of his career, 1935-1961.

6 boxes


Rogers, Fred F.
Papers, 1924-1960

Papers of Captain Rogers, USN contain writing and speeches on Japan in 1930s, lectures, and miscellany including newspaper clippings, phone directories, yearbooks, and photograph albums.

5 boxes


Rosinski, Herbert F.
Papers, 1903-1985

Personal and career items of Professor Rosinski; Correspondence from 1948-1985; Published and unpublished writings, 1930-1977

9 boxes


Rubin, Alfred P.
Papers, 1981-1982

Correspondence dealing with matters of international law when Rubin was Charles H. Stockton Chairholder in international Law at the Naval War College.

1 box


Russell, Kay
Papers, 1845-1979

Research source materials collected by Captain Russel, USN for a prospective dissertation on Rear Admiral Stephen B. Luce

3 boxes


Sayer, Daniel
Papers, 1862-1865

Civil War family correspondence.

12 items


Scheck, Jane L.
Papers, 1945-1954

Correspondence during her service in the WAVES, 1944-1946; Photographs; Promotion certificates to Ensign and Lieutenant (JG).

0.5 box


Schonland, Herbert E.
Papers, 1929-1985

Rear Admiral Schonland's correspondence including the naming of Schonland Hall, Surface Warfare School, Newport, Rhode Island, 1945-1985; Citation for Medal of Honor

1 box


Schratz, Paul R.
Papers, 1968-1988

Writings of Captain Schratz, USN, include drafts of Submarine Commander, drafts of edited work, The Evolution of the American Military Establishment Since WW II; Notes on military topics, including Continental and Maritime Philosophies in Modern War, World War I, course and resource notes; Correspondence , 1968-1988.

11 boxes

Schwarz, Edwin
Papers, 1938-1945

Collection of papers of Captain Arnold J. Isbell, USN, include Presidential Citation commending USS Card for World War II operations in Atlantic

12 items


Seager, Robert
Collection, 1798-1976

A collection of research source materials on Rear Admiral Alfred T. Mahan.

23 boxes


Searles, Jack
Papers, 1942-1945

Logs of Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 31, 1944-1945 and Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons 2, 3, and 6, 1942-1943, PT Songs; Imprints including several Motor Torpedo Boat Tactical Bulletins and Manuals.

1 box


Semmes, Benedict J.
Papers, 1931-1987

Papers of Vice Admiral Semmes include personal and official correspondence, 1931-1987; Speeches, undated-1972; Writings, including articles by Mrs. Semmes, 1958-1973; Miscellany, including photographs, newspaper clippings, 1944-1987

4 boxes


Service, James
Papers, 1982-1985

Papers of Rear Admiral Service include correspondence regarding Naval War College curriculum, conferences, and administrative matters, 1982-1985 from his presidency of the Naval War College, 1982-1984.

2 boxes


Shaw, James C.
Papers, 1935-1979

Papers of Rear Admiral Shaw include personal and official correspondence, 1939-1975; Journals, notebooks and diaries, 1935-1949; Speeches; Writings, including published and unpublished novels, short stories and articles, 1947-1979; Draft of film scrips for "The Caine Mutiny," "Midway" and the "The Jarvis Story"; Subject files on naval topics.

21 boxes


Shelley, Tully
Papers, 1917-1925

Papers of Rear Admiral Shelley include photograph albums and imprints of USS Wyoming during World War I and after and photograph albums and memorabilia commemorating the cruise of the fleet to Australia, New Zealand, and the South Seas, 1924-1925.

3 boxes


Sherman, Forrest P.
Papers, 1937-1951

Papers of Admiral Sherman include correspondence, and information about his death in Naples, Italy, July 1951.

5 boxes


Simpson, Benjamin M.
Collection, 1917-1985

A collection of research source material on Admiral Harold Stark for his biography, Admiral Harold R. Stark, Architect of Victory, 1939-1945 includes copies of Stark's correspondence, interviews, Simpson's dissertation, Commander Naval Forces Europe Administrative History; Research source material for Sailors and Scholars, The Centennial History of the Naval War College.

23 boxes 


Sims, William S.
Papers, 1882-1925

Papers of Admiral Sims include personal letters, 1882-1925 that comments on politics, rebellions in Caribbean, Sino-Japanese War, position as Naval Attache in Paris; World War I assignment as Command Officer, Naval Forces, European Waters, London, England, 1917-1978.

14 boxes


Slonim, Gilven M.
Papers, 1983-1998

Papers of Captain Slonim include Ph.D. dissertation; Speeches on World Ocean, Pearl Harbor; Miscellaneous letters and excerpts from the Congressional Record, 1983-1998.

0.5 box


Smith, Edith L.
Papers, 1943-1995

Imprints, include "A Short History of the U.S. Naval Training School (WR), Bronx, NY"; article, "Making WAVES in the Bronx"; The Story of the U.S. Naval Training School (WR) at Hunter College in Journal of the Bronx County Historical Society; "Women in RI History: Making a Difference"; work schedules and discharge papers, 1945

0.5 box


Smith, Mary T.
Papers, 1925-1928

Correspondence from on board ships in Pacific

1 box


Smith, Norma G.
Papers, 1941-1946

Photographs of VJ Parade in Sonolulu, Hawaii; photographs of nurses and patients at Newport Naval Hospital, 1945; Imprints of Base Eight Hospital, Honolulu, 1945; Resume of service in Navy Nurse Corps, 1944-1945.

1 box


Smith, Roy Campbell.
Papers, 1848-1940

Papers of Captain Smith include correspondence with his wife, 1888-1928; Official correspondence, 1876-1929; Speeches include speeches as Governor of Guam, 1908-1928; Subject files on Aztec Club, Society of the Cincinnati; Guam Naval Station; Miscellany.

24 boxes


Smith, Roy Commander.
Papers, 1924-1937

Papers of Commander Smith contain his Naval War College theses; Naval War College curriculum materials include solutions in International Law, Operations and Tactical Problems, 1933-1934; Correspondence sent to his mother from Pacific area, 1925-1927; Photographs.

0.5 box


Snyder, Charles P.
Papers, 1896-1953

Papers of Admiral Snyder contain his official Navy correspondence, 1896-1947; personal correspondence, 1092-1953; Writings including his Naval War College theses on Policy and Command, 1923-1938; Scrapbook of clippings of Admiral George Dewey and the Battle of Manila Bay, 1898. Naval papers, including ships rosters, Fleet Exercises, ships newspapers, 1910-1946

16 boxes


Snyder, Frank M.
Papers, 1976-1992

Papers of Captain Snyder contain articles and book reviews, 1972-1992; Published books; Speeches prepared for Admiral Arleigh Burke, 1960-1961; Command and Control System Architecture, 1976-1986; Research source material on USS Liberty, 1967, Newport Naval Base, Battle of the Atlantic, Victoria and Camperdown, Battle of Santiago Bay, Battle of Midway.

15 boxes


Spruance, Raymond A.
Papers, 1898-1968

Papers of Admiral Spruance contain personal correspondence, 1944-1968; Official Navy messages sent and received, 1906-1950; Personal correspondence of Commander, Fifth Fleet, August 1943-December 1944; Material on the Battle of Midway; Speeches, 1944-1960; Scrapbooks and mementos

11 boxes, 5 volumes, a oversize folder


Stanley, Joseph W.
Papers, 1898-1953

Personal and official correspondence, 1910-1953, Naval pamphlets treating Mark guns and torpedoes, 1898-1947; Journals and notebooks on guns, mines and torpedoes, 1901-1920; Subject files on the torpedo, 1921-1927; Blueprints, Photographs of ships and naval personnel, 1900-1910

5 boxes


Stark, James
Papers, 1995-1998

Official correspondence of Rear Admiral Stark during his Naval War College presidency, 1995-1998

6 boxes


Stetson, Charles
Collection, 1945

Photographs of surrender of Vice Admiral Kamada, Miscellany including instructions for rescue of downed aviators, 1945.

1 folder


Stockdale, James B.
Papers, 1977-1994

Papers of Vice Admiral Stockdale contain correspondence, speeches, magazine and newspaper articles, tape recording of prison experience, and summary account of confinements as prisoner of war, September 9, 1965-February 12, 1973.

9 boxes


Stockton, Charles H.
Papers, 1886-1936

Papers of Rear Admiral Stockton contain his correspondence regarding his naval career and the Naval War College, 1866-1908; Holograph reminiscences, 1866; Personal Diary, 1904, Journals of ship's cruises in USS Thetis and USS Yorktown and USS Kentucky, 1889-1902; Published books; Miscellany including photographs and newspaper clippings, 1886-1936; Diary of Mrs. Stockton, London, England, 1903, 1905.

4 boxes

Stoddard, William W. 
Papers, 1893-1924

Correspondence regarding his career as master machinist, Steam Engineering Department, Brooklyn Navy Yard; Miscellany including notebook, marine engineers exam and questions.

0.5 box


Storer, Horatio R.
Papers, 1883-1929

Correspondence and pictures of prominent U.S. Naval officers; Prints from periodicals depicting the significant historical events in which they achieved fame.

1 box 


Strasser, Joseph C.
Papers, 1988-1995

Papers of Rear Admiral Strasser contain correspondence from his Naval War College presidency, 1990-1994 and his prior assignment; Speeches, 1988-1994; Subject Files, 1990-1991; Photographs

22 boxes


Strohmier, Frederick
Papers, 1908

Certificate of crossing the equator in USS Colorado, 1908; Map of cruise of USS Colorado.

4 items and 1 folio


Taussig, Joseph K.
Papers, 1884-1987

Papers of Vice Admiral Taussig contain his personal correspondence, 1994-1933; Official correspondence regarding naval matters, 1901-1927 and letters sent and received regarding testimony before U.S. Senate Committee on the possibility of war with Japan, 1940; Diaries and journals from USS Wadsworth, 1917, USS Little, 1918 and USS Trenton, 1926-27; Unpublished manuscript, "The Queenstown Patrol" by Paul Ryan; Photographs; Subject files on the commissioning of USS J. K. Taussig (DE-1030), Admiral Edward D. Taussig and the U.S. flag on Wake Island, 1898; Books on Naval Songs; Miscellany, certificates, 1899-1967, newspaper clippings, 1895-1950.

14 boxes and folio items


Thomas, Charles M.
Papers, 1862-1905

Papers of Rear Admiral Thomas contain holograph of U.S. Naval Academy notebook, 1862; cruise journals in USS Shenandoah, 1865-1866; General and Special Navy Department Orders issued after 1905; Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, 1863

1.5 boxes


Thompson, Charles P.
Papers, 1869-1893

Paymaster's records kept on board USS Kenosha, USS Plymouth, USS Congress, USS Lancaster, and USS Trenton, 1869-1887 consisting of dates of arrival and departure, ports visited, distances traveled, days at sea, etc.; memoranda on ship's expenses, pay and personal matters and accounts, 1883-1893.

2 volumes


Trotter, Thomas K.
Papers, 1964-1966

Papers relating to Fleet Admiral Nimitz by Commander Trotter who was the Admiral's aide for that period; Much of the material deals with Nimitz's last days and the arrangements for his funeral.

0.5 box


Umsted, Scott
Papers, 1904-1971

Papers of Rear Admiral Umsted contain his official correspondence, 1920-1951; Personal correspondence, 1908-1971; Correspondence and travel writings of his mother Mrs. Katherine Scott Umsted, 1904-1934.

9 boxes


U.S. Naval Air Station Quonset Point, Rhode Island
Records, 1941-1973

Historical files of the public affairs office.

22 boxes


U.S. Naval Base Newport, Rhode Island
Records, 1913-1969

Historical subject files pertaining to administrative matters, base activities and command facilities, 1942-1969; Presidential visits of Eisenhower and Kennedy, 157-1958, and 1960-1961; German Submarine survivor burial, 1959-1960; War Diaries, 1942-1946;

10 boxes


U.S. Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island
Records, 1885-1974

Correspondence and subject files pertaining to administration and mission of the Naval Training Station and Naval Station, 1885-1974; Historical files of USS Constitution, USS Constellation, visits of Presidents F.D. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Nixon, Naval Air Station, Naval Torpedo Station, Naval Operating Base, and Goat Island, 1885-1963; Command histories, 1958-1974; War Diaries, 1941-1943; Publications including Our Naval ApprenticeNewport Recruit and Newport Navalog; Photograph albums of the Naval Base, Naval Station, recruit training, 1890-1963.

27 boxes and 1 book


U.S. Naval Torpdeo Station
Records, 1906-1939

Pamphlets on Bliss-Leavitt and Whitehead Torpedoes and Cliss-Leavitt Gyro Gear, 1906-1911; Booklets for Supervisory Training course and Principles of Foremanship, 1932-1933.

1 box


U.S. Naval Women Officers' School Newport, Rhode Island
Records, 1913-1974

Historical subject files including correspondence, calendar of events, chronologies, and booklets regarding the development, organization and administration of the Women Officers School, 1961-1973; Photographs of Nurse Corps Officer and graduates of the Women Officers School, 1948; Extracts of U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations, 1913, with uniform sketches; The Women Officers School was disestablished and consolidated with Officer Candidate School in June 1973.

1 box


U.S. Navy, Bureau of Construction and Repair
Records, 1898-1899

Construction sketches done by Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine for U.S. Navy torpedo boats Dahlgren and T.A.M. Craven, 1898, 1899; Construction sketches by Wolff and Zwicker Iron Works, Portland, Oregon for U.S. Navy torpedo boats, Davis and Goldsborough, 1898.

4 folio drawings


VanBenschoten, George W.
Papers, 1917-1968

Holograph account of his service in submarine tender USS Charles Whittmore (SLP) in World War I; Naval orders, 1917-1922.

9 items


Veltman, Ronald H.
Papers, 1942-1995

Subject files on USS Hornet (CV-8) in which he served as Pharmacist's Mate, including ship's history, list of ship's company and Air Group 8; Report on Battle of Santa Cruz, Photographs; Tape recordings by Veltman on history of Hornet and 1942.

1 folder


Wadleigh, George H.
Papers, 1860-1899

Papers of Rear Admiral Wadleigh contain official naval orders, letters of appointment, and commendations relating to his naval career, 1860-1899.

0.5 box


Wadsworth, John W.
Papers, 1858

Correspondence sent from USS Plymouth, June-September 1858 to his family describing life on board the ship and on ashore in the Caribbean.

7 items


Wait, Andrew
Papers, 1936-1944

Correspondence of World War II experiences at Camp Endicott, Davisville, Rhode Island, the South Pacific and San Francisco, California, 1942-1944; Newspapers from Camp Endicott, 1942 and Noumea, New Caledonia, 1942.

0.5 box and one folio

Wait, Dalls
Papers, 1902-1945

Official correspondence of Lieutenant Commander Wait, 1926-1935; Naval war College course materials, 1922-1929; Signal Log Books from Atlantic Fleet, 1943-1945; Diaries of Mrs. Wait, 1902-1929.

4 boxes


Waite, Nellie
Papers, 1943-1946

Copies of WAVE discharge and separation papers, 1946; Newspaper, Naval Air Station, Atlanta, 1944; Navy Prayer Book; Photographs of WAVE Regiment, Hunter College.

0.5 box


Walker, George
Papers, 1992-1993

Correspondence regarding his assignment as holder of Charles H. Stockton Chair of International Law, 1992-1993; Copies of papers on Maritime Neutrality, Integration and Disintegration in Europe, Federal Rules on Civil Procedure in Transnational Law.

2 boxes


Weaver, Charles W.
Papers, 1942-1971

Operational Log kept for Vice Admiral Robert L. Ghormley describing the Guadalcanal Operation, August 1 - November 13, 1942; Copy of letter from Ghormley indicating the value of this log; Letter from Admiral Richmond K. Turner; Newspaper clippings on 25th anniversary of the invasion of Saipan, and his retirement after a 42 year newspaper career in 1971; Reminiscences of invasion of Saipan and World War II naval leaders.

5 items and 1 folio


Webber, S. Gilbert
Papers, 1862

Correspondence of Dr. Webber with his fiancee, February 15-November 13, 1862; He was a naval surgeon stationed at the Boston Navy Yard and on board USS Ohio during the Civil War.

0.5 box


Welch, Edward F.
Papers, 1975-1982

Papers of Rear Admiral Welch contain subject files on foreign and domestic trips taken, strategic studies group, war gaming, Soviet Affairs 1978-1981, Naval War College Foundation, 1975-1977, Rochambeau Celebration, 1980, U.S. Commission on Peace and Conflict Resolution, 1980; Speeches, 1979-1982.

3 boxes


Wellings, Joseph H.
Papers, 1896-1973

Papers of Rear Admiral Wellings contain personal and official correspondence; Naval Orders; Memoranda and messages regarding base negotiations with the West Indies Federation; Staff correspondence as Commanding Officer, First Naval District; Naval and business correspondence in retirement, 1925-1986; Speeches and writings, including "On Her Majesties Service," reminiscences as observer of the British Home Fleet and witness to sinking of Bismarck, 1934-1975; Subject Files, including career related material on Strolling and service as Naval Attache in London and Bismarck sinking, 1921-1964; Miscellany.

23 boxes


Weschler, Thomas R.
Papers, 1935-1989

Papers of Vice Admiral Weschler contain: Personal and career correspondence, 1935-1988; Published and unpublished writings, 1950-1985; Subject Files concerning naval career assignments and post-retirement; Naval War College academic positions, 1955-1988; Biographical and personal papers, 1935-1975; Speeches and articles by naval officers and politic figures.

27 boxes


West, Richard
Papers, 1957-1968

Papers of Professor West include correspondence, research source materials, interviews, commentary by Admiral H. Kent Hewitt; final draft for an unpublished book, "A History of Amphibious Warfard: From the Age of Sail to Inchon."

11 boxes


White, Albert F.
Papers, 1941-1944

Papers of Rear Admiral White contain naval orders, citations, and marilgrams.

10 items


White, Luisa C.
Papers, 1944-1945

Correspondence when she was a WAVE at Naval Air Station, Atlanta, Georgia and Link Trainer Instructor at Naval Air Station, Lake City, Florida; Photographs.

2 boxes


Wilde, E. Andrew
Papers, 1941-1945

Booklets on U.S. destroyers that were lost during World War II that Commander Wilde, USNR compiled. These booklets include photographs, histories, crew lists, memoranda, citations, and battle accounts.

3 boxes


Williams, Arthur P.
Papers, 1942-1969

Papers of Captain Williams, USNR contain his correspondence, naval orders, citations, newspaper clippings, 1944; World War II Photographs

0.5 box


Williams, L. Jane
Papers, 1944-1946

Postcards sent and received during her service in the WAVES at Naval Training School (WR), Bronx, New York; U.S. Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and U. S. Naval Hospital, San Diego, California.

1 folder


Wilson, Eugene E.
Papers, 1966-1970

Writings, addresses, letters, relating to the U.S. military, naval air power, modern warfare and space exploration.

8 items


Wilson, George G.
Papers, 1895-1927

Letters received from presidents of the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island.

6 items


Winslow, Cameron M.
Papers, 1875-1916

Papers of Commander Winslow, USN, contain copies of mesages, reports, ship's log entries and other items relating to the cutting of the ocean cable at the entrance to the harbor of Cienfuegos, Cuba, 1898-1899; U.S. Naval Academy diploma, commissioning certificates.

0.5 box


Women Officers' School
Papers, 1913-1974

1 box


Wood, Chester C.
Papers, 1928-1952

Papers of Vice Admiral Wood, USN, include U.S. Navy communications, memoranda relating to assignments and career matters; Letters received, photographs and miscellaneous items; USS Wasp-USS Hobson collision court of inquiry files, April-August 1952; clippings relating to the USS Missouri grounding court of inquiry, February 1950.

0.5 box


Wood, George W.
Papers, 1935-1970

Correspondence regarding The Acoustical Society of America, 1956-1964; Correspondence regarding Strategic Air Command Atlantic Anti-submarine Research Center, La Spezia, Italy, 1956-1962; Reports, journals, articles, conference proceedings, speeches, and transcripts of conversations treating underwater sound, acoustics, Project Nobska, 1937-1970, Miscellany.

4 boxes


Woodson, Walter B.
Papers, 1907-1945

Papers of Rear Admiral Woodson, USN contain memoranda and directives of Flag Secretary, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Third Division, Battleship Squadron, 1914-1917; Log of presidential cruise to Dry Tortugas, 1937 and diary kept while naval aide to Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1937-1938; Photograph album of F.D. Roosevelt's cruise through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean, 1934 and 1942; Commemorative twenty-fifth anniversary book of the Class of 1905 and of Round the World Cruise of the Great White Fleet, 1907-1909; Photographs, ciplomas, citations and commissioning certificates, 1900-1942.

4 boxes


Woodson, Walter B.
Papers, 1952-1963

Papers of Captain Woodson, USN, contain photographs and album of 1963 visit of Brazilian Naval War College staff to the U.S.; correspondence regaring orders to Brazil, 1962; Miscellany.

1 box


Worthington, Robert K. R.
Papers, 1938-1996

Papers of Captain Worthington, USN, include correspondence, including details of Cochino rescue, 1945-1996; War partol logs from USS Balao; Writing, including diary, November 30, 1941-June 1943; Speeches, reports and typed manuscript; Subject files on USS TuskCochinoSilversides, and Tolovana rescues; Photographs; Files of TuskBalao and Silversides; Miscellany including rosters, citations, programs; Newspaper clippings.

8 boxes


Wulzen, Donald W.
Papers, 1935-1996

Papers of Rear Admiral Wulzen, USN contain correspondence, 1945-1966; Letters of commendation and appreciation, 1914-1968; Personal memoirs of naval service entitled "A Sailor's Story; Ports of Call"; Photographs; Certificates, 1937-1985; Citations, 1944-1949; Newspaper clippings, Miscellany, including untitled piece on tradition in the U.S. Navy.

1 box

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