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Vice Admiral Sir William Lowther Grant, R.N., Commander-in-Chief, North Atlantic and West Indies Station, to British Admiralty



From  C. in C.                          DATE 27.7.18.

          N.A. &.W.I.                26 SENT

To    Admiralty.                        RECD.


361. United States Navy Department are uneasy as to reception of transatlantic wireless telegraphy work in view of one Cuban and one transatlantic cable having been cut by submarine 151 (? group omitted) off New York1 and probability of further cutting cables on large scale and wireless telegraphy receiving stations United States being unreliable for all day service. No steps have yet been taken by U.S. re erection of station referred to in 947* but they are again anxious to for such unmistakably if receiving conditions Newfoundland are better than in United States of which little doubt. Appears to be preferable this station should be a British and United States concurs in this view. Request to be informed as soon as possible whether erection receiving stations Newfoundland or Canada is contemplated ?and recommend as tentative step supply of additional staff and receiving gear to St. Johns W/T2 station to allow reception of European Stations. If Admiralty do not intend to erect stations United States will proceed with one in New Foundland. United States also ask whether it would be possible for certain non secret British Service messages to be passed daily by CARNARVON to perfect receiving arrangements against possible necessity for same in event of cutting cables. Immediate reply requested U.S. urgent.

*apparently corrupt; there is no message of this number bearing on the subject.

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. Addressed below close: “1.L. [First Lord of the Admiralty Sir Eric Geddes], 1.S.L. [First Sea Lord Sir John R. Jellicoe]/A.C.N.S. [Assistant Chief of Naval Staff Alexander Duff]/D.1.S.L.[Deputy First Sea Lord George Hope]/M. /D.C.2./A.S.D [Assistant Captain Submarine Defense]/D.N.I. [Director of Naval Intelligence Reginald Hall] CS [Chief of Staff]D.T.M. [Director Torpedo and Mines F. Fields]D.O.D. [Director of Operations Division] (for action).”

Footnote 1: Wireless/Telegraphic.