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Frank Munson, President, Munson Steamship Line, to Raymond B. Stevens, Vice-Chairman, United States Shipping Board and United States Representative, Allied Maritime Transport Council

Chronological Copy.                         File No. <42/2/4>

Cablegram Received 09319 July <18, 1918.> BFB

Origin Opnav Washington                     Ser. No. BN 254

     C-3  July 19



Boards Navy 254 For Stevens from Munson: Referring ship mission 2651 understanding covers all neutral tonnage chartered and provides that it is to be equally divided between England and the United States. This covered all neutral tonnage to be chartered since October first by either Nation. Aside from Norwegian the Swedish temporary and permanent agreement is the only other one now in effect and the division of this is going forward as you know and with your good aid. England agreed to the list of Norwegian Steamers. To come to us as per list sent you. The thirtyfour now chartered to British must be reallocated to us or other tonnage of equal size allotted by England to us. It would aid greatly in the quick solution of this if you would cable names of the thirtyfour Norwegian vessels now allocated by England to others. 24018


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. The handwritten date is confirmed by the time/date stamp at the end of the document.

Footnote 1: This document has not been found.

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