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Admiral William S. Benson, Chief of Naval Operations, to Rear Admiral Marbury Johnston, Commander, Squadron Two, Cruiser Force

July 25, 1918.     

          From: Chief of Naval Operations.

          To:  Commander Squadron TWO, Cruiser Force.

SUBJECT: Routes to be followed by convoy cruisers when bound


     1. Cruisers doing convoy duty when returning to the westward will return through one of the prescribed areas designated as follows:

          (a) West No. 1 between Halifax and New York east-bound     convoy limits 41 : 30 north 47: 00 west, 40 : 30 north 47 :          00 west, 42: 35 north 59:40 west, 40:10 north 68:52         west.

          (b) West No. 2 between New York and Norfolk eastbound      convoy routes 39:30 north 47:00 west, 38:30 north 47:00    west, 39:10 north 69:50 west, 37:30 north 71:50 west.

          (c) West No. 3 to the southward of Norfolk eastbound      convoy route north limits 36:30 north 71:50 west, 37:30    north 47:00 west.

     2. As each cruiser sails in convoy, notify Department which area she will return through.


Source Note: D, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. Document identifier in top left-hand corner: “Op-47/S-49-281.” Someone later handwrote degree and minute symbols after the numbers for some of the latitude and longitude readings. However, the editors have not included them so the reader should be aware that the number to the left of the colon is degrees; the number to the right of the colon in the two number set, is minutes. If the number is followed by “north,” it is latitude; if it is followed by “west,” it is longitude.

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