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Raymond B. Stevens, Vice-Chairman, United States Shipping Board and United States Representative, Allied Maritime Transport Council to Edward N. Hurley, Chairman, United States Shipping Board

E. L. Stern.1                                     ISM 290


From: Sims

To:  Opnav.

               Shipmission 290 for Hurley. Navy Headquarters here have received several applications for service under the American Flag from ex-officers of Russian Navy and mercantile marine. Navy cannot employ aliens. Can Shipping Board employ such Russian officers ifproperly vouched for? If so, what proceedure should be followed in regard to their employment?2 Stevens. 10106—290.


6am                 7-6-18        

Source Note: C, DNA, RG 45, Entry 520, Box 677. The date follows the signature.

Footnote 1: Stern has not been further identified.

Footnote 2: No evidence have been found that such officers were employed in the American service.

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