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Captain Hutchinson I. Cone, Commander, United Stations Naval Aviation Forces, Foreign Service, to Commanders, United States Naval Air Stations in Europe

U.S.Naval Aviation Forces,Foreign Service.

4,Place D’Iena,Paris,France.

24 July, 1918.


From:     Commander,U.S.Naval Aviation Forces,Foreign Service.

To:       Commanding Officers,U.S.Naval Air Stations,France,England, Ireland,and Italy.1

Subject: Marking of Aircraft.

     1.   Circular Letter No. 109 precedes Circular Letter No.87 of 20 June which is cancelled.2

     2.   Your special attention is invited to General Orders 364,375, and 377,sent under separate cover to your Station.3

     3.   In addition to the insignia and to the builders’ number referred to in Paragraph 8,General Order 364,aircraft assigned to your Station will be marked with the Station letter or combination of letters,and a serial number beginning with No.1 for the first plane received, and continuing on to No.18 or No.24 as the case may be in the order of the reception of the planes.

     4.   The above is also applicable to Dirigible and Kite Balloon Stations.

     5.   Station letters are hereby assigned as follows:

Dunkerque D    Reguier   T    L’Aber Vrach   LV

Brest     B    Ile Tudy  I    Le Croisic     C

Fromentine N   St. Trojan ST  Arcachon       A

Guipaves  GA   Paimboeuf P   Gujan          GU

La Trinite TA  La Pallico PA  Killingholme   K

Whiddy Island WI Wexford  W   Queenstown     Q

Lough Foyle LF Berehaven  BH  Porto Corsini  PC

                              Piscara        P


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B.

Footnote 1: Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth M. Whiting, England, Cmdr. Frank R. McRary, Ireland, Capt. David C. Hanrahan, Northern Bombing Group, France, and Lt. Cmdr. John L. Callan, U.S.N.R.F.

Footnote 2: The referred to circular letters have not been found.

Footnote 3: The referred to general orders have not been found.

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