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Captain Hutchinson I. Cone, Commander, United Stations Naval Aviation Forces, Foreign Service, to Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

<July 29, 1918.>        

Sub-Area: <France>

Subject: Many Seaplanes have Not Necessary Equipment for Flying.

Source:  Adm. Sims.

Date:    30th July, 1918.

IL 2614            



     2614 following from Cone quote to July 30th 124 HS seaplanes and 67 liberty engines have been received, only 5 have necessary equipment for flying and none for operating offensively following are essential items missing in quantity, air speedometers compasses and compass reading glasses, altitude meters, bomb sights, sea anchors, gun mounts, radio sets, storage batteries, ignition switches, voltage meters, air meters, water thermometers, oil thermometers, transverse inclinometers and longitudinal inclinometers, bombing gear, signal boards, tool kits, inter-communication sets, signal comps, fire extinguishers, binoculars, starters, tachometer adapters, primers, tubing and connections, throttle control rods, male connections for carburetors, straight water leads, 90 ejecting oil leads, Synchronizing rods, boxes miscellaneous engine parts. Necessity for overhauling every engine, justified by defects found in each showing lack of proper inspection at factory and resulting in practical waste of 200 man hours for (words probably omitted) Missing items on packing sheets never correspond actually missing items showing poor system of checking shipments. Allowance sheets state all wire for inter-communication sets, running lights, instrument lights, radio, etectra should be completed at factory to extent that breaking down and shipment will permit remainder wire material to be sent assembly Base abroad. Above instructions have not been followed as the only wire on planes is for instrument lights. All Hartwell propellers condemmed. Sachlang propellers crack at Hub and clearance between tips and boat too small. Situation resulting from above makes it imperative to request further shipments HS ones abroad be suspended until complete equipment for flying can be furnished each. Shipments should be given designating mark which should appear on shipping case, invoice, bill of lading and all other papers to identify material. Identification marks must be confirmed by letter giving mark used. Intelligent system of shipment and identification of material imperative. Request cable on action taken to furnish parts necessary to put seaplanes already delivered in operating condition. Report on H -16 seaplanes will follow unquote

17329 2614


920 pm         8-9-10             

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B.

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