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Commander Charles R. Train, United States Naval Attaché in Rome, to the Office of Naval Intelligence


     From T    No. 463            Date 16 July, 1918.

     Replying to O. N. I. No.     Date

     1.   The mobile Barrage, under the command of Commander Kelly, R.N.,1 consists of a mobile force of destroyers, trawlers, submarines and submarine chasers.

     2.   The actual zones are often changed, but at present the situation is as follows:

          Off Cattaro, and in that locality, five submarines are continually on watch; then comes the destroyer patrol, which also serves as a lookout patrol against movements of the enemy vessels from Cattaro. This patrol is the Northern line of the Barrage. Next, to the Southward, come one or two destroyers with kite balloons; after which about 12 fish (listening devices) trawlers, with two destroyers to protect them; then a line of about 40 drifters with motor launches in shore. These last drifters are about abreast of Cape St. Maria di Leucca. Next to these come three more fish trawlers; and then, well to the South, the final line of U.S.Chasers, protected by a sloop with a kite balloon on either end.

     3.   The sketch2 will indicate the approximate location of the various units.

Copies to O.N.I.             (3)

          Force Commander,3 (2)

          File.              (1)

Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 520.

Footnote 1: William A. Howard Kelly, Commander, British Adriatic Forces.

Footnote 2: A copy of this sketch, which has remained with the original document, can be found in the illustrations section for July.

Footnote 3: VAdm. William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in Europe.

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