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West Indies Naval Campaign Medal from the USS New York

Red and blue ribbon with copper medal attached bust of William T Sampson

Title: West Indies Naval Campaign Medal
Accession #: NHHC 1964-110-A
Location: Headquarters Artifact Collection, Naval History and Heritage Command
Circa: 1901
Size: 1.5 x 3.0
Medium: Bronze, Silk

One bronze West Indies Naval Campaign Medal issued to Joseph Feinbloom. The obverse image of the medal is a relief engraved profile bust of William T. Sampson. Text around upper edge of the medal reads // U.S. Naval Campaign / West Indies 1898 // Text on proper right reads // William / T / Sampson // Text on proper left reads // Commander / in / Chief // The image on the medal reverse is a relief engraving of a Navy officer directing a Sailor with an armed Marine nearby. They are standing on a block engraved with the text // Santiago De Cuba / July 3. // The medal is suspended from a red-blue-red striped ribbon. The pin and clasp bar reads U.S.S. New York. The lower rim of the medal is engraved // Joseph Feinbloom // 

The West Indies Naval Campaign Medal, also called the Sampson Medal or Medal Commemorating Naval Engagements in the West Indies, is a commemorative medal authorized by Congress in 1901 for combat operations during the Spanish-American War. 

As the inscriptions on this medal indicate, this medal was issued to Joseph Feinbloom who served aboard the USS New York (ACR-2) during the Battle of Santiago de Cuba, 3 July 1898.

Reverse of West Indies Campaign medal raised image of soldiers with rifles

Name stamped on side of Sampson Medal

Side view of Sampson Medal
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