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UBIQUE -- Mindoro, P.I.

ULTIMATUM -- Pagan Island, Marianas Islands

ULYSSES -- Talasea Harbor, New Britain

UMBRAGE -- Cape Dorset, Canada

UMPTEEN -- Howland Island, Pacific Ocean

UNASSAILABLE -- Manokwari, New Guinea

UNCEASING -- Palawan, P.I.

UNCLOUDED -- Rangoon, Burma

UNDERDOG -- Los Negros Island, Admiralty Islands

UNDERNEATH -- Ujae Atoll, Marshall Islands

UNDERTAKER -- Tacloban, Letye, P.I.

UNDERTONE -- Operations south of the Moselle River, France

UNERRING -- San Jose, Mindoro, P.I.

UNICORN -- Cape Bastion, New Britain

UNIQUE -- Mindoro, P.I.

UPTOWN -- Caru, Rooke Island, New Britain

UTAH -- D-day Beach (Europe)

UVIS -- Koli Point, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

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