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TABLETALK -- Lorungau, Manus Island, Bismarck Archipelago

TABLETENNIS -- Noemfoor Island, New Guinea

TABLOID -- Sardinia

TADPOLE ISLAND -- Ubrantakoto Island, Marshall Islands

TALON -- Operations for the assault of and capture of Akyab, Burma (January 1945)

TAMPER -- Diversionary landing at Morondava, Madagascar (10 September 1942)

TAN -- Cuba

TANBARK -- Mt. Welcker, New Britain

TANDEM -- Disturbance in Germany or Austria

TANGENT -- Kangean Island, N.E.I.

TANGERINE -- Nugu Point, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

TAPE WORM I -- Natata Island, Marshall Islands

TARZAN -- Advance in the Indaw-Katha area of Burma

TATTERSALLS -- Tinian Island, Marianas Islands

TAURUS -- Allahabad, India

TAVERN -- Susua Point, Trobriand Island

TAXPAYER -- Angaur, Palau Islands

TEACUP -- Manus Island, Bismarck Archipelago

TEAK -- Port Moresby, New Guinea

TEAPOT -- Cape Goltz, New Britain

TEARAWAY -- Saipan, Marianas Islands

TECHNICOLOR -- Kalagen, New Britain

TEMPTATION -- Little Malumalu Island, New Britain

TENSTRIKE -- Chilkoot Barracks, Alaska

TENTERHOOK -- Horta, Azores

TERMINAL -- Charging of boom defense at Algiers, North Africa (8 November 1942) (G.B.)

TERMINAL -- Potsdam Conference (17 July-2 August 1945); Truman, Churchill, Stalin

TERMITE -- Kapoli Lake, New Britain

TERMITE (2) -- Taiagina Bay, Solomon Islands

TERRACE -- Apo Pass, P.I.

TESTAMENT -- Legom River, New Britain

THESAURUS -- Kirensk, Siberia

THESIS -- A mass strafing raid on Crete, with object of attack on aerodrome and military targets and to re-inforce the morale of the Cretans (23 July 1943) (G.B.)

THIMBLE -- Sibuyan Sea, P.I.

THINGLESS -- Avacha Bay, U.S.S.R.

THIRSTY -- Broome, Australia

THORITE -- Koskiki, Japan

THORN -- Rabaul, New Britain

THREADWORN -- Okino Daito Jima, Japan

THROAT -- Capture of Mayotte Isle (Comoro Island), Madagascar (2 July 1942) (G.B.)

THUNDER -- Zamboanga, P.I.

THUNDERMUG -- Mt. Lollo, New Britain

THUNDERSTRUCK -- Port Darwin, Australia

THYME -- Nogokiki, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

TIDALWAVE -- Bombing of Ploesti, Rumania

TIDEMARSH -- Amalfi, Italy

TIGER -- Amerer River, New Britain

TIGER -- British and Dominions long range bombing force for the war against Japan

TIGRESS -- Samarinda, Borneo

TILFORD -- Toe of Italy

TILTING -- Palm (Revirevi) Island, Solomon Islands


TITANIC -- Cape San Augustin, P.I.

TOENAILS -- New Georgia Operation, Solomon Islands

TOGGLE -- Laur, Luzon, P.I.

TOMAHAWK -- Lolo, Belgian Congo

TOMATO -- Watson Island, Treasury Islands

TOMBSTONE -- Sinakela, Trobriand Islands

TOOTH -- Kamranh [Camrahn] Bay, French Indo China

TOOTHBRUSH -- Sulu Archipelago, P.I.

TOPDOG -- Tangier, Spanish Morocco

TOPHEAVY -- Toem, New Guinea

TOPLINK -- Plan to assist in containing the greatest possible number of enemy troops in Northern Italy until ANVIL

TOPSOIL -- Minda, New Britain

TOPSEED -- Operations in Norway in the event of continued German resistance in that country

TORCH -- Allied landings in North and North Western Africa (8 November 1942)

TORNADO LF -- Wakde, New Guinea Landing Force

TORRENT -- Cover operations in the northwest European Theater to conceal the operation OVERLORD

TORTILLA -- Cape Busching, New Britain

TOTALITY -- Major emergency involving warfare

TOWPATH -- Plans for operation against Rabaul, New Britain

TOWROPE -- Strait of Bonifacio, Corsica

TRACY -- Cape Gauffre, New Britain

TRADESMAN -- Land based air operations against the Netherlands East Indies

TRADEWIND -- Northwest Africa

TRAGEDY -- Hoilo, Panay, P.I.

TRAITOR -- Northeast Islands, Truk Group, Caroline Islands

TRAJECTORY -- Dampier Straits, New Britain

TRANSGRESSOR -- Cape Christian, Canada

TRANSLATE -- Mor Island, Truk Group, Caroline Islands

TRAP -- Savaii, Samoan Islands

TRAPEZE -- Roumania [Romania]

TREASURE -- Suloga Harbor, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

TREMBLE -- Salat Island, Truk Group, Caroline Islands

TRESPASSER -- Sulu Archipelago, P.I.

TRIANGLE -- A major uprising in Germany or Austria

TRIANGULAR -- Vladivostok Area, U.S.S.R.

TRIBESMAN -- Celebes Sea

TRICKLE -- Transportation Service, U.S. Army Forces in British Isles

TRIDENT -- Washington Conference (May 1943); Roosevelt, Churchill

TRIDENT -- Nasai Island, Solomon Sea

TRIGGER -- Oburaka, Trobriand Islands

TRIUMPHANT -- Reconquest of Burma

TROCADERO -- Ayuet Bay, New Britain

TRUCULENCE -- Efate Island, New Hebrides

TUBULAR -- Air cover for convoys (G.B.)

TUCKAHOE -- Kolombangara Island, Solomon Islands

TUDOR -- Merauke, New Guinea Force

TULIP -- Tetero, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

TUMBLER -- Lazy Bay, Alaska

TUNA -- Jamaica

TUNGSTEN and SOPHIA -- Fleet air arm attack on German BB Tirpitz (3 April 1944) (G.B.)

TUPPENCE -- Mt. Wago, New Britain

TURNIP -- Mano Island (Money Island), Solomon Islands

TURNOVER -- Baker Island, Pacific Ocean

TURNSTILE -- Abercorn, Northern Rhodesia

TWILFIT -- Balikpapan, Borneo

TWILIGHT -- Plan for strategic bombing of Japan proper by June 1944, using Chentu as initial staging area

TYPEWRITER -- Exmouth Gulf, Australia

TYPHOON -- Koshun, Formosa

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