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EAGEES -- Port Ambon, Ceram, N.E.I.

EARPHONE -- Aiyou, New Guinea

EARTHENWARE -- Peleliu Island, Palau Group, Caroline Islands

EARTHNUT -- An Creek, New Guinea

EARTHPEA -- Nurnberg, Germany

EARTHWORKS -- Beyreuth, Syria

EARWAX -- Anglem, New Guinea

EASTER -- Fangger, New Guinea

EAVES -- Bunsen Point, New Guinea

EBAR -- Cayo Frances, West Indies

EBERHARD -- Aitaplok, Vitaz Strait, New Guinea

EBLIS -- Biding River, New Guinea

EBON -- Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides Islands

EBONY -- San Christobal Island, Solomon Islands

ECHO -- Sydney, Australia

ECLIPSE -- Plans and preparations for operations in Europe in event of German surrender occurring after the launching of OVERLORD

ECSTASY -- Malaita Island, Solomon Islands

EDENS -- Bada, New Guinea

EDGEL -- Bilieu Village, New Guinea

EDICT -- Kumaru Plantation, Solomon Islands

EDIT -- Tongatabu, Tonga Islands

EELGRASS -- Bisi, New Guinea

EFFECTIVE -- Proposed airborne operation by 1st Allied Airborne Army to seize the airfield in the Bisingen, Germany area

EFFETE -- Dagur, New Guinea

EFFICIENT -- Arakabesan Island, Palau Islands

EFFIGY -- Chungking, China

EGOTIST -- Mirapo, New Guinea

ELAINE -- Modeng Island, Bismarck Archipelago

ELDRITCH -- Guimaras Strait, P.I.

ELEANOR -- Melinglo Island, Bismarck Archipelago

ELECTROCUTE -- Kaven Island, Maleolap Atoll, Marshall Islands

ELEGIZE -- Wangore Bay, New Britain

ELEVATOR -- Keelung, Formosa

ELLAIS -- Buota Island, Gilbert Islands

ELLINGTON -- Gurunati, Bismarck Archipelago

ELM -- Tagoma Point, Solomon Islands

ELMWOOD -- Koratul, New Britain

ELSTREE -- Taranto, Italy

ELUSIVE -- Cape Campbell, New Britain

ELYSIUM -- Little Mt. Gulu, New Britain

EMANATE -- Gaveira, Bismarck Archipelago

EMBALM -- Alaid Island, Aleutian Islands

EMBANKMENT -- Quemoy Island, Amoy, China

EMBER -- Matavulu Plantation, New Britain

EMBLEM -- Namur Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands

EMBRYO -- Mt. Mululus, New Britain

EMERALDBEACH -- Soanotalu (Mono Island), Solomon Islands

EMERGE -- Greece

EMERITUS -- Russell Islands, Solomon Islands

EMPANEL -- Sawar River, New Guinea

EMPORIUM -- Gavuvu, Bismarck Archipelago

ENAMEL -- Buka Island, Solomon Islands

ENDICOTT -- Nup Island, New Guinea

ENDZONE -- Yakutat, Alaska

ENFILADE -- Wuhu Island, Bismarck Archipelago

ENGLEWOOD -- Calabria, Italy

ENKINDLE -- Nakajima, Musashino, Japan

ENORMOUS -- Bombardment of Mersa Matruh harbor area, Egypt, by British ships (12 July 1942) (G.B.)

ENRICH -- Satawan (Nomoi) Island, Caroline Islands

ENSLAVEMENT -- Awar, New Guinea

ENTERTAIN -- Dummy reconnaissance of beach on southeastern corner of Zante in Kieri Bay as a diversion for operation HUSKY (27 May 1943)

ENTRANCE -- Alage Island, New Britain

ENVIOUS -- Apongwal, New Britain

ENVISAGED -- Mei Shan Island, Chusan Archipelago

ENVOY -- Ocean Island, Gilbert Islands

EPIC -- Noumea, New Caledonia

EPIDERMIS -- El Salvador, Central America

EPISODE -- Pyramid Mountain, New Britain

EQUILIBRIUM -- Madang, New Guinea

EQUINOX -- American Air Force, India

ERADICATE -- Mitsubishi Engines, Nagoya, Japan

ERECTION -- Tavalo River, New Britain

ERMINE -- Benin, New Britain

ERMINE -- The Pas, Manitoba

EROSION -- Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia

ERUPTION -- Task force operation in Kiel Canal, Germany

ESCALATOR -- New Britain force

ESCORT -- Mt. Bangum, New Britain

ESCUTCHEON -- Santa Maria, Azores

ESKIMO -- Gamatua Island, Bismarck Archipelago

ESME A -- A military diversion consisting of an advance from Ambilobe during capture of Majunga, Madagascar (10 September 1942) (G.B.)

ESME B -- Capture of Nossi Bay, Madagascar (11 September 1942) (G.B.)

ESPLANADE -- Alor Strait, Lesser Sundas

ESQUITE -- Taunu Shoal, Guadalcanal

ESTATE -- Mokuai Island, Bismarck Archipelago

ETNA -- Landing of agents at Corsica (6 May 1943)

EU -- U.S.S. Tuscaloosa and 2 destroyers from Scapa to North Russia with medical units and supplies (18 August 1942)

EUREKA -- Teheran Conference (26 November-2 December 1943); Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin

EVANSTON -- Wanopo, New Britain

EVERGREEN -- Siaua Island, Treasury Group

EVERMORE -- Kulu River (North Branch), New Britain

EVOLVE -- Mt. du Faure, New Britain

EXCELSIOR -- Philippine Islands

EXCERPT -- Kaldedarnes, Iceland

EXCHEQUER -- Markham River Valley, New Guinea


EXILIC -- Plan for reduction of U.S. Army forces in the Pacific

EXODUS -- Langu Plantation, New Britain

EXOTIC -- Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

EXPLORATION -- Movements of air units eastward through Russia

EXPURGATION -- Wawesi, Dutch New Guinea

EXTORTION -- Ransiki River, New Guinea

EXTRAVERSION -- Project of furnishing Europe and Mediterranean Theaters of operation with YP-80A aircraft

EYELID -- Au River (East Branch), New Britain

EYESPLICE -- Java Sea, N.E.I.

EYRIE -- Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands

EZEKIEL -- Columbia [Colombia] , South America


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