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War Diary for U.S. Destroyer Aylwin


SUNDAY, 1 SEPTEMBER 1918: Proceeding as part of escort of combined convoys O.E.21 and O.L.32 through the Irish sea. About 1.P.M. near entrance to St.George’s Channel two ships of the convoy, the MESABA and CITY OF GLASGOW were torpedoed. No trace of submarine nor of the torpedo was seen. Dropped 30 depth charges on probable position of spot and proceeded with convoy. About 6 P.M. at the southern entrance of St. George’s Channel a shipin the convoy – the ACTOR was torpedoed. Dropped a barrage of 48 depth charges on what appeared to be the origin of the wake of the torpedo and near spot where periscope was reported to have been seen. The ACTOR was not badly damaged and was eventually towed into port by tugs sent out from Queenstown. Proceeded with convoy.

Source Note: D, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B, Destroyer Ships Files: Aylwin.

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