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Mark L. Requa, Director, Oil Division, United States Fuel Administration, to Chester Naramore, Chief Petroleum Technologist, Bureau of Mines and Representative to the Inter-Allied Petroleum Conference

Action Copy.                                File No. <46-4-7>

<September 13, 1918.>

Cablegram Received  Y-14

Origin Opnav Washington                     Ser. No. 11

Ref’d. to




15 Sept.

<Copy sent to War Department  C-3>


<Copy furnished Capt. Foley>





11 Naramore from Requa Conference yesterday with chairman War Trade Board1 and other members[:] Sir Henry Babington Smith Sir Richard Crawford Meyer[,] Standard New York, N.Y. Airey Royal Dutch.2 Requirements oil well supplies for far Eastern considered to be so connected with re-routing program that matters should be considered as a whole<.> <I>t was indicated by Chairman War Trade Board that they proposed to take matters up with Department of State immediately<.> <C>ommunicate with British Government with view immediate settlement<.> <S>uggest (that) you see what can be done to hurry re-routing<.> <A>gree to see <*> Deterding3 if necessary<.> Meyer states his company entirely in hands of Government and will carry out any agreement agreed to fully with statement of Chairman that there was no excuse for delay in reaching settlement. Cable Hurley 12 to Foley and Thomas4 covering situation cable prospects for prompt settlement. Figures submitted by oil industry indicates reduction from 70 to 95 per cent in number of automobiles pass<ing> given point in 25 States on the 2 gasolineless Sundays<.> <T>his mere request from Fuel Administration has been a most impressive demonstration of nation’s unity of purpose Requa 12013.


1157 AM 14 September 1918

<*> N.B. Deterding comes clear

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. The handwritten date is confirmed by the time/date notation at the end of the cable.

Footnote 1: Vance C. McCormick.

Footnote 2: Standard Oil and Royal Dutch Shell were both oil companies that played a major role in keeping the Allies supplied. Richard Airey represented the interests of Royal Dutch Shell in the United States, operating from its New York branch office, in addition to serving as Vice President of the Roxanna Petroleum Company.

Footnote 3: Henri Deterding, President, Royal Dutch Shell.

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