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Edwin Reed, Aide for Information, 9th, 10, and 11th Naval Districts, to Captain Roger Welles, Director of Naval Intelligence



9th, 10th, 11th Naval Districts

CHICAGO ILL.   September 12, 1918.

From:     Aid for Information, 9th, 10th, and 11th Naval Districts.1

To:       Director of Naval Intelligence, Washington, D. C.

SUBJECT:  Shipping Board Matters - Withdrawal of under cover agents at the fourteen Ship Yards on Great Lakes, 28 in number; 1 outside Secret Service Agent; and discontinuance of 2 under cover men on each ship as rapidly as they complete voyages are now on.

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Enclosures:    (3).

     1.   Attention is invited to enclosures which cover copy of letter from C. W. Cook, Acting Director of Operations, U. S. Shipping Board, dated September 7th and addressed to W.M. Williams, Agent, Shipping Board, Cleveland, Ohio, together with Mr. Williams’ original letter to this office dated September 9, 1918, and our reply thereto under date of September 12th.3

     2.   It will be noted that the Investigation Branch of the Plant Protection Section of the U. S. Shipping Board feel that they are now in a position to carry out such under cover work as may be considered necessary, and “that the Naval Intelligence be thanked for their valuable services, and be informed that conditions have so changed that their services are no longer necessary”.

     3.   Copy of the letter of this office to Mr. Williams as of this date, appended hereto indicates clearly the steps taken by this office in discontinuing the service referred to.

     4.   The expense of the 28 agents at the fourteen different ship yards, and the one outside agent, can be discontinued almost immediately, within two or three days at the outside, insofar as the ship yard agents are concerned, and immediately so far as the one outside agent is concerned. The expense in connection with the agents on vessels en route to salt water, however, will continue in a constantly diminishingamount for approximately thirty days, at the end of which period the work in connection with the Shipping Board matter will be definitely closed.

Source Note: D, DNA, RG 45, Entry 520, Box 677. Document identifier: “ELR:PW” appears in upper left corner of first page. Document identifier “File 500.4/F-7279” appears in upper right corner of first page.

Footnote 1: All three of these districts were located in the Great Lakes and jointly under the command of Capt. William A. Moffett.

Footnote 2: None of this letters, save “(b)” has been found. For that letter, see: Reed to Welles, 15 May 1918.

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