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George R. Gordon, Tonnage Committee, Allied Maritime Transport Council, to Philip A. S. Franklin, Chairman of the Shipping Control Committee, New York

Chronological Copy.                         File No. <42-2-4>

          Cablegram Sent Sept. 10, 1918   Y-12

To   Discom New York              Serial No. SM 527

Prep. by  C-3            Curtis D.R.


Shipmission No. 527. Hurley-Franklin. For Franklin from Gordon. Refer Shipmission 497 and Control Committee 22.1 At tonnage committee meeting today representatives of Great Britain stated that they were prepared to accept any part of the 56,000 tons of Danish ships now in Italian service as part of the 200,000 tons to be time chartered by British Government under Danish agreement if and when signed provided that the American Chartering Committee can assure Great Britain that such Danish vessels will be time chartered time chartered to Great Britain under Danish agreement when present voyages are completed stop. Italian representatives deplore the delay occasioned by failure of British to accept your proposal as expressed in Control Committee 22 and plead that on account of Italy’s vital necessities you modify your position in order to permit the Danish vessels at present loaded in American ports with Italian cargoes to proceed. Will you please reply in order that I may be in position to present your views to the committee on Thursday. Stevens Rublee. 202410 527


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. The handwritten date is confirmed by the time-date stamp at the end of the document.

Footnote 1: For the former, see: Raymond B. Stevens and George Rublee to Franklin and Edward N. Hurley, 4 September 1918. The latter document has not been located.

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