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Raymond B. Stevens, Vice-Chairman, United States Shipping Board and United States Representative, Allied Maritime Transport Council, George Rublee, United States Representative, Allied Maritime Transport Council and Professor J. A. Field, Staff of United States Shipping Board to George I. Gay, Commissioner, Planning Division

Chronological Copy.                                    File No.

          Cablegram Sent      Y-4  September 11<12>, 1918

To Discom, New York (Opnav)             Serial No. SM 535

Prep. by            Curtis    D.R 


Shipmission 535. To Gay from Field.

Your 397.1 We do not attempt to defend turnarounds in question but <answer> your specific questions. QUOTE adjusting the average UNQUOTE means that where a single turnaround factor is used for a large exporting region or group of regions the average distance from the importing country to the various ports of export must be adjusted or weighted accordingly as the quantity of imports from the more distant ports is greater or less than the quantity from the less distant ports. (Paragraph)

     In-group-seven the turnaround to England is 24 days longer than that to France because imports to Europe from this region come from East Africa and India to a much greater extent than from West Coast of South America. Vessels from India and East Africa come through Suez Canal and discharge for France at Marseilles thus making shorter voyage than to England. Grouping of such widely separated regions for turnarounds seem quite unjustifiable. (Paragraph)

     Imports from Australia and Far West to England and France come chiefly by way of Cape Good Hope but some by way of Suez and Panama. Imports from some regions to Italy come chiefly by Suez and turnaround should doubtless be shorter than to England and France.


     Note that the estimated times of the longer turn arounds are often simply halves or thirds of a year. (Paragraph)

     Bear in mind that these turnarounds were developed by British primarily for their own use and were based on British shipping experience. They were hurriedly adapted to Italy and France for use of Council2 meeting in March and occasion is only just now arising for their revision. When reports of all program committees are in and Council consider Possibility of supporting these programs with tonnage we shall urge that turnaround factors be reconsidered and revised. British seem to <prefer> method of general averages on the ground that many errors which would result from any attempt to figure turnarounds in a more specific way are thus set off against each other and cancelled. Danger lies in failure to adjust the average when the proportionate amounts of exports from the more distant and the less distant ports changes. 535. 002512



Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. Handwritten date is confirmed by time/date stamp on each page of document.

Footnote 1: This letter has not been found.

Footnote 2: That is, the Allied Maritime Transport Council.

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