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Naval History and Heritage Command

Naval History and Heritage Command

Office of the Chief of Naval Operations to Commandants of Third, Fourth, Fifth Naval Districts, and Lieutenant Commander Warren C. Nixon, Commander in Chief, U.S.S. PATTERSON


     <September 23, 1918.> Receiving Data.             24/18

Prefix Origin  No.  Operator or Signalman  Check   Date and Time

       OPNAV   15        FN                 69        2:20 p.m.


VIA BASE TWO1                    System         Code or Cypher

ADDRESS C - in - C                 LANDWIRE       AMUTI--C<opyB>

Our 130222 - Enemy submarines reported vicinity AMBROSE CHANNEL LIGHT VESSEL forenoon 23 September period U.S.S.PATTERSON and GROUP continue search north of Lat.40° to southern shore Long Island then return DELAWARE BREAKWATER. Acknowledge U.S.S.PATTERSON COMNAVDIS FOUR3 COMNAVDIS THREE4 COMNAVDIS FIVE5 C-in-C 6


<Not ack. because of discrepancy in ref. No.>

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. Handwritten date confirmed by time/date notation typed at end of radiogram. Cable typed on printed form, several boxes not filled in.

Footnote 1: Base Two was located at Yorktown, Virginia.

Footnote 2: Document not found.

Footnote 3: Fourth Naval District, New York, Capt. George F. Cooper.

Footnote 4: Third Naval District, Narangansett, RAdm. Nathaniel R. Usher.

Footnote 5: Fifth Naval District, Norfolk, RAdm. Augustus F. Fechteler.

Footnote 6: After hostilities ended, the Navy Department concluded that the PATTERSON hunt squadron had not made enemy contact, as there was no chart evidence of a submarine in that vicinity. Clark, When the U-Boats Came to America, 300.

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