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Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, to Commandants of First to Eighth Naval Districts

September 15 1918

War Warning begins Enemy submarines may be encountered between latitudes of Cape Race and Cape Hatteras and west of forty-five Active south of Long Island and in approaches to New York ends

Sent to Commandant First to Eighth Naval Districts1

Broadcasted from Washington Beginning 12:55 PM September 15


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. Document reference: “Op-19/Op-28/Op-47/Op-49/Gilpin/Fleet Office.”

Footnote 1: The Commandants were: First, RAdm. Spencer D. Wood; Second, Commo. James P. Parker; Third, RAdm. Nathaniel R. Usher; Fourth, Capt. George F. Cooper; Fifth, RAdm. Augustus F. Fechteler; Sixth, RAdm Frank E. Beatty; Seventh, RAdm. William B. Fletcher; Eighth, Commo. Valentine S. Nelson.