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Admiral Harold Stark's VJ Day Radio Broadcast

Admiral Stark's VJ Day radio broadcast






(Recorded on 11 August 1945

for release on V-J Day)

The Jap is beaten.

Fighting has ended.

Peace had dawned over civilization.

Humbly we thank God for victory.

The world can now breathe easier – but the job is not yet done.

We have the responsibility for the life beyond victory.

We must make certain that such a catastrophe cannot happen again.

Nations desiring peace must remain overwhelmingly stronger than those desiring war.

Out of the necessity of war have been born realities and achievements which must be controlled and used to benefit mankind.

Man must face the challenge as to whether or not he can survive in the environment he has created.

With our Allies, we have won a great victory. It is the result of the most notable achievement in international cooperation ever known.

We must now turn from cooperation in war to cooperation in peace.

Together we must go forward in tolerance – understanding – and teamwork.

Together we must build the pillars of a lasting peace.

God grant us the wisdom to see the problems clearly – the courage to face them squarely – and the perseverance to solve them – IN ORDER THAT THE ENORMOUS SACRIFICE OF THIS WAR SHALL NOT HAVE BEEN MADE IN VAIN.


From the Papers of Harold Stark, Box 39, Archives Branch, Naval History and Heritage Command.


Published: Mon Mar 08 13:44:07 EST 2021