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Letter from Charles W. Cooper to his parents, August 13, 1945

Letter from Charles W. Cooper to his parents, Aug. 13, 1945


Aug 13, 1945

Dear Mother and Dad,

              I am listening to some records and will write a page or so. Some one owns a record player and it goes all the time and the records are ages old.

              There hasn’t been much going on lately worth writing about. I hope that you are enjoying your short visit to the cabin. Perhaps next year it may that you can spend the entire summer there. The war can’t last much longer at the rate the Japs are taking it now. You can bet your last dollar however that until they actually give up the war is not won.

              I don’t know what I could possibly fill another page with so I’ll close now.



Charles William Cooper AMM3/c


From the Papers of Charles W. Cooper, Box 2, Archives Branch, Naval History and Heritage Command


Published: Mon Mar 08 11:06:38 EST 2021